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FAVE 5: New Instagram Pose

For your next ootd

If you're someone who always posts outfit photos on Instagram, you'll know that it can be hard to think of new poses to showcase your outfit. For content creators, variety in content is important to keep engaging your audience. Even something simple like doing a new pose can already generate new interest in your profile. Ready to shake things up? If so, here is the latest Instagram pose that you should try. It's very easy to master, and all you have to do is look away from the photographer with your body still facing the camera. Keep scrolling to see how members of the Clozette Community does it.

Look to the side


Taken from the top

(Photo from: juleneang)

Smile away

(Photo from: Lingwei)


(Photo from: wang_hx)

Take a peek

(Photo from: astrityas)

(Cover photo from: RUTHJAELJIMENEZ)

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