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FAVE 5: Slay The Holidays

Celebrate in style

With December just around the corner, the holiday season is about to be in full swing. Get ready to attend countless social events like office parties, family gatherings and so on. As early as now, plan your outfits accordingly. The last thing you want is to get caught repeating an outfit thrice because you prepared just one ensemble for the season. Need inspiration? Keep scrolling and see the various festive outfits that you can copy from the Clozette Community

Jewel tones

(Photo from: megannmonday)

Ruffled hemline

(Photo from: Leannelow)

Elegant gown

(Photo from: chescademesa)

Playful ensemble

(Photo from: MelissaFerosha)

Casual and chic look

(Photo from: amandayong)

(Cover photo from: chescademesa)

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