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We're all about sleek and chic styles. There's just something that draws us to clean lines. But it doesn't mean you can't have fun and inject something into your smart outfits. Ahead, some of our favourite smart and chic ensembles.

Street savvy

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Elevated casual

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We know you try to be as updated as you possibly can, but with all the fun happenings in the worlds of fashion and beauty, it can be really hard to keep up. But don't worry because we got you. Here's what you need to know right now.

ASOS inclusivity

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After their efforts to promote sustainability, ASOS is at it again with meaningful programmes. This time, it's for inclusivity. The brand has teamed up with differently abled producer and reporter Chloe Ball-Hopkins on a fashion piece that's great for people who use a wheelchair (and those who don't). The piece was also modelled for the site by a differently abled person.

Selena x Coach Part III

It's the third time Selena Gomez has appeared for a campaign for Coach. This time, however, her photos for the brand were released at the same time those of international ambassadors were. Joining Gomez is Coach's latest ambassador, Kiko Mizuhara.

Charlotte Tilbury's gold

Charlotte Tilbury has given her fans what they've been dreaming of: one palette that contains all of her highlighting bars. Get glowing as the product is available now at the makeup artist's website. It retails for USD58.

Anastasia x Norvina

Anastasia Beverly Hills is releasing a palette curated by their president, Norvina Soare. The palette, which has lots of pinks and purples, is named after its creator. Get your hands on it starting 17 July.

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Easy and breezy — those are the words we want in our outfits when we don't have the energy to come up with an elaborate ensemble. Those two words are also the perfect ones to describe rompers. They're easy to put on, and styling them is a breeze. Just take a look at how members of our Community rock rompers.


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Lace goddess

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