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FAVE 5: Snazzy Snaps

Insta-worthy shots!

Taking a trip down your Instagram timeline can be tedious sometimes when you’re busy double-tapping away on your favourite influencers’ vacation or OOTD photos. But spare those envious thoughts! You, too, are capable of blessing your feed with those equally stunning shots. Just let our Clozette Community guide you down the road of taking pictures worth a thousand words.

Flowy Dresses

Insta-worthy shots

(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)


Insta-worthy shots

Baskin' under the Sunlight

Insta-worthy shots

(Photo from: JacelynPhang)

Treading Amongst Flowers

Insta-worthy shots

Neon Lights

Insta-worthy shots

(Photo from: Evontmy)

(Cover photo from: JacelynPhang)

Speaking of Insta-worthy shots, get inspired for your next cafe trip with these Coffee-gram shots.