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FAVE 5: Sunnies Styles

Slayin' sunnies

We're all about spotting trends we can sport ourselves, and right now we're loving sunnies. With this heat, we can definitely use some protection. But we're not eyeing just about anything; we're on the lookout for the fun ones. Sunnies come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colours, and they make it oh so easy to elevate any type of outfit. Here are our current favourite picks.

Blue for you

(Photo from: JoyMarino)

Inspired by the hues of pristine seas, get yourself a pair of reflective sunglasses that's as cool as the waters.

Shine in silver

(Photo from: MaybellineSim)

A contrast to the warmth of the weather, wear a pair of shades in silver for that cool girl vibe.

Warm Lennon

(Photo from: MelissaTheMermaid)

Round-shape glasses popularised by John Lennon are perfect for that laid-back, artsy feel. 

Modern Cat-eye

(Photo from: Deeyeenjazmine)

Sleek and stylish, this cat-eye inspired sunnies are perfect for giving an oomph to any outfit.

The Classic

(Photo from: Msbabelovebebes)

You can never go wrong with a classic. For a sophisticated touch to any outfit, here's your pick.

(Cover photo: Cherrish)

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