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FAVE 5: Sunset Eyes

Red-dy to rock your eye look?

Red and pink eyeshadow colours can be hard to play around with because they can either be too bold or can make you look like you have an eye infection (yikes!). But that's no reason to give up on them completely. With just the right amount of blending, a cut crease here and there, and more makeup magic, you can achieve the most saturated eye looks that are more reminiscent of radiant sunsets than a bad case of pink eye. 

So get red-dy (pun intended) to make the most out of your red and pink eyeshadows by taking notes from these glamorous looks made by our Clozetters. 

 Glowing dawn

(Photo from: pei_ling_chia)

Hallow's eve

(Photo from: ShaniaEvelyn)

Rainbow dreams

(Photo from: MiaCarvajaLlamas)

Copper dreams

(Photo from: biancamagsino)

Dark rose

(Photo from: SuzanneLikeIt)

(Cover photo from: biancamagsino)

Frame your sunset-inspired eye looks by taking a snap with this fool-proof pose