FAVE 5: Under My Umbrella

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We know the weather in the tropics can be very moody. One moment it's very hot and dry, then rainy and humid the next. So it's best to be prepared and always bring an umbrella with you. Although lugging around an umbrella can be considered unfashionable, there are still some ways that you can look stylish with it. Take a cue from the Community on how to make umbrellas work with your outfit.


(Photo from: CrystalPhuong)

Traditional Umbrellas

(Photo from: Vanessaxlim)

Complimentary Colours

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Transparent Umbrella

(Photo from: RochelleAbella)

Crisp White

(Photo from: HLRYYS)

(Cover photo from: HLRYYS)

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