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FAVE 5: Wonders In White

Clean but never boring

Often associated with purity, cleanness and uniformity, white doesn't initially come to mind when we think of fun and playful hues. But it doesn't mean it can't be so. Pair it up with some accessories, go with a flowy and interesting cut and top it all off with a spunky personality and you're sure to make wonders while in white, just like our ladies in the Clozette Community

Bright and brazen

Girl in white maxi dress

(Photo from: Danetelle) 

Elegant tropicana

Girl in white dress

(Photo from: SunshineKelly) 

Babe in boho

Girl in flowy white bohemian dress

(Photo from: maybelinesim) 

Just chillin'

Girl in a boyfriend button down shirt

(Photo from: Rosedelvo) 


Girl in gym clothes

(Photo from: SabrinaWong)

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