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You might not be aware of it but your workplace environment is a huge factor that affects your performance. If a messy desk is the cause of your daily delay because you spend precious time playing hide and seek with important papers or office tools, then it's time to tidy up. Beautify and personalise your space with work desk decor that's both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Before you shop for trinkets, check out the chic work stations of some members of the Clozette Community for inspiration. 


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Amidst the glitz and glamour of South Korea’s illustrious entertainment industry, the country has seen their fashion scene’s rise in the Asian sphere. Sceptical? Keep on reading to discover Seoul’s best in show.

Tom Greyhound Downstairs

Inspired by Alice falling down the rabbit hole, you’ll be greeted by the Mad Hatter-esque decor as soon as you set foot into this store. Stocked with wares from local and international brands, this Apgujeong outlet is a firm favourite for fashion enthusiasts all over Gangnam.

Rare Market

Owned by Kwon Dami — the sister of arguably one of South Korea’s most famous exports, G-Dragon — Rare Market is a hotspot for fashionistas and celebrities alike. It boasts a carefully curated collection of international fashion gems and has been established as one of the city’s trendsetters.

Vintage Bonnie

Located in the neighbourhood of Ikseon-dong, this brand offers its customers quirky vintage vibes from the ‘20s to the ‘80s. Filled with nostalgic plush toys, Trolls and My Little Pony figurines, this place takes you down memory lane in the most fashionable way possible.

Queen Mama Market

Dubbed one of the trendiest concept stores in Seoul, Queen Mama Market boasts seven floors of incredible offerings; from high-end unisex fashion to homeware and decor, you’ll find things you never thought you even needed! When you feel like taking a break from browsing, drop by their in-store cafe for a breather and a pick-me-up before moving on to the next beautiful boutique.

Stylenanda Pink Hotel

What would an article about fashion in Korea be if it didn’t include this brand? Stylenanda is known for its eclectic feminine style and trendy offerings that will transform you into a K-Pop star in mere minutes. The store itself is designed to look like a 1950s hotel and comprises of six floors of amazing fashion and beauty products. Whether this is your first or last stop, it’s definitely worth experiencing.

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There's something about a clear blue sky that allows for the most majestic photos. It combines wanderlust, peace, and all around serenity just by simply being one's backdrop. That's why we can't help but give a nod to the photos it helped enhance. So ahead, we gathered some of our favourite photos from the Community taken against the great calm of the blue skies. 

Up and beyond

(Photo from: christyfrisbee)

The great divide

(Photo from: Sabsoh)