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FAVE 5: Autumn Vibes

Summer’s out!

Technically, we in the tropics don’t experience autumn, but who’s to say we can’t enjoy it anyway? Fall’s colours can be found anywhere, if you just know how to look. When you do find a perfect spot where you can bask in the Earth’s warm beauty, go ahead and take a photo. Channel autumn vibes through your snaps like these ladies from the Clozette Community.



Casual stroll

A woman strolling along a tree-lined path

(Photo from: shermaineinez)

Autumn roofs

Woman walking towards a temple

(Photo from: AnnaPatrish)


Blooming belles

Woman smelling and admiring flowering trees

(Photo from: Lingwei)

Orange shade

Woman walking under a tree with orange leaves falling

(Photo from: Sabsoh)


A kindled path

Woman walking through fiery red trees channels autumn vibes

(Photo from: shiennareynon)


(Cover photo from: shiennareynon)

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