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FAVE 5: Rainbow Locks

Serving boldness one strand at a time

There was once a time when heavy stigma came with bold-coloured hair. But not anymore. Today, it's all about self-expression and creativity, showing that your crowning glory is as much an extension of your personality as the rest of your body. So as an empowering move for yet another hectic week, what do you say about celebrating some Clozetters who are serving boldness with rainbow locks on the daily? 

Serene in silver

Girl with silver hair

(Photo from: penmyblog)

Fiery in red

Girl with red hair

(Photo from: MsElaineHeng)

Majestic in magenta

Girl with pink hair

 (Photo from: CocoManuel) 

Outstanding in orange

Girl with orange hair

(Photo from: chloewl)

Gorgeous in green

Girl with green hair

Want to stick to natural-looking locks? Express your boldness in fashion instead and channel these colourful ensembles.