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FAVE 5: Bold Makeup Looks

Fearless frenzy

Stuck in a beauty rut? Be bold and switch up your makeup by playing with vivid colours. Take it from these ladies from the Clozette Community to show you how you can put together a brand new look with the untouched shades from your palette.


Smokey Shimmer

Woman with shimmery smokey eye look

(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Playing with colours

Woman with rainbow mahjong makeup look

(Photo from: pei_ling_chia)


Go indigo

Woman with indigo makeup

(Photo from: Mgrazielle)

Feeling blue

Woman with shimmery blue eyeshadow

(Photo from: GreenStory)


After Dark

Woman with dark makeup look

(Photo from: Lullshey)

(Cover photo from: GreenStory)