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FAVE 5: Caffeine Fix

Have a cuppa!

Everybody loves an energising cup of warm drink before they face the day's challenges. A caffeine fix, whether it be coffee, tea, or even chocolate, can help give you the buzz you need to get through your tasks. If a little perking up is due, take a quick break and stop by a nearby coffee shop or make your own cuppa. Wondering what to get? Take a look at what helps the ladies of the Clozette Community survive their day.

Go green

A cup of green tea

(Photo from: little_ms_bratt)

Creamy tea

A cup of instant milk tea

(Photo from: shiennareynon)

Lovely latte

A hand holding a cup of latte

(Photo from: ClaudineImelda)

Pretty floral

A cup of latte with edible flower petals on top

(Photo from: Shermainexk)

Iconic brews

Two glasses of coffee with Star Wars characters printed on top

(Photo from: Hazeldiary)

(Cover photo from: ClaudineImelda)

Want to be energised without caffeine? Drink a glass of lavender lemonade instead!