FAVE 5: Clear Skies

Clean and serene

With the world continuing to be developed, skyscrapers tend to be our view whenever we look up. But while modern architecture is in its own way marvellous, nothing beats the view of the plain blue sky looking endless and vast. The serenity and peace that come along such a sight make for a calming experience. Don't believe us? Let these photos from the Clozette Community featuring the grandness of clear skies make a convincing case. 


FAVE5: Clear Skies - JacelynPhang

(Photo from: JacelynPhang)

Cool blues

FAVE5: Clear Skies - Hannahchia

(Photo from: Hannahchia)


FAVE5: Clear Skies - wang_hx

(Photo from: wang_hx)


FAVE5: Clear Skies - LevyAmosin

(Photo from: LevyAmosin)

El natura 

FAVE5: Clear Skies - Wanderoustraveller

(Photo from: Wanderoustraveller)

(Cover photo from: wang_hx)