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FAVE 5: Creative Shots

For travelling shutterbugs

Exploring a foreign place is always a one-of-a-kind experience. Regardless if it’s your first or fifth time to visit, there’s always something excitingly new to discover. So make your getaway more memorable. Be creative with your travel snaps to encapsulate your journey in this destination. Experiment and feel free to try out different angles and more dynamic poses. Take notes from these creative travel photos from the Clozette Community next time you embark on your trip.

View from the top

For creative travel photos, take inspiration from this photo of a girl overlooking the sea in Greece
(Photo from: Winnieloves)

Sitting pretty

A girl sitting in front of a pink cafe
(Photo from: HLRYYS)

Sunny ruins

Girl exploring the ruins
Girl exploring the ruins
Girl exploring the ruins
Girl exploring the ruins
(Photo from: lepetitewears)

In safe hands

Girl sitting on a golden monument shaped like a giant hand
(Photo from: tellemaywhy)

Across the street

Girl crossing the street towards a pink building
(Photo from: blackivorystyle)

(Cover photo from: Winnieloves)

Ahead, more tips to achieve an IG-worthy trip.