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It's the era of wet hair and unkempt-but-chic hairstyles. We're all about embracing the 'Woke Up Like This' style. To prove our point, here are five cool 'messy hair' looks from the Clozette Community

Wet Hair Look

Wet Hair Look
Wet Hair Look
Wet Hair Look
Wet Hair Look
(Photo from: Suzanneooi)

Half Ponytail

Half Ponytail
(Photo from: Cherrish)

Bandanda Baby

Pirate Look
(Photo from: AprilNunez)

Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves
Beachy Waves
Beachy Waves
(Photo from: Shebel)

Carefree Curls

Messy Curls
Messy Curls
Messy Curls
(Photo from: JacelynPhang)

(Cover photo from: AprilNunez)

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Just like how we should care for the environment against pollution, we should also adjust our routine to include a veil of protection to keep pollutants off our skin. The skincare we use can effectively influence our skin’s function as we go about our day exposing our skin to the elements. Without the right kind of protection, we’re subjecting our skin to free radicals that can result in irreversible consequences, like premature ageing.

The best solution to combat that is a good dose of active anti-oxidant ingredients, or as the beauty industry now likes to call it, anti-pollution beauty. “Anti-pollution” may just very well be another new beauty buzz word, but we are here for it.

Sothys product lineup

Comprising of an Energizing Serum, Depolluting Youth Cream, Protective Depolluting Essence, Energizing Radiance Ampoules and Instant Energizing Corrector, the new premium Detox Energie line (which we shared about earlier last month) by French skincare brand Sothys is created specifically to fight pollution. How? By using an exclusive cocktail of active ingredients: patent-pending Organic Elderberry Extract, detoxifying peptides derived from Green Tea, and Organic Siberian Ginseng Root Extract.

To complement the new premium Detox Energie homecare range by Sothys, we were invited to try the Sothys Detox Energie Treatment in Singapore to power up our skin-saving efforts. Priced at SGD340 for a 75-minute facial, this intensive treatment is designed to further protect, detoxify and give your complexion a visible boost of energy and radiance. It is suitable for all skin types.

Sothys Detox Energie Treatment Review - usage experience

We started off with a skin scope to help the therapist understand my skin concerns before recommending the right treatment or, in my case, making the necessary adjustments to my Detox Energie Treatment. I was then whisked off to the treatment room to change before getting a five-minute scented foot bath — out-of-the-norm but very much appreciated.

The treatment consisted of the following steps — a detoxifying cleanse, a series of anti-pollution serums and creams, a mask system and a protective finish — most executed with the facial massage movements that are unique to Sothys called the “Digi-esthetique”. Created in partnership with a qualified osteopath, this massage technique works on the acupressure points on the face to improve blood circulation and enhance skin radiance. Like a revitalising full body massage but for the face, obviously. Coupled with the professional skincare, I stepped out of the treatment room feeling and looking brighter, more recharged — and with a complimentary sample tube of the Sothys Detox Energie Energizing Serum to help me supercharge my game face for the days to come. Want to keep your (skin) energy high for pollution season? You know what to do.

Find out more about the Sothys Detox Energie line here.



Wearing ribbons is the quintessential female move when it comes to changing up or levelling up the hairstyle. There’s something so girly and nostalgic about wearing ribbons on your crowning glory. The problem, however, is that ribbons tend to do just that: make you look quite a bit too girly. It's something that might not work well if you’re going for a more sophisticated look. Despite this challenge, there are many ways to incorporate a ribbon into your look and style that won’t remind people of pigtails and Mary Jane shoes. Here are some tips to elevate the ribbon from girly to chic.

Add drama to a bun

This ribbon hairstyling tip is great when you’re planning to attend formal events like weddings or a big birthday bash. Add drama to a simple updo by tying a thin, bejewelled ribbon around the bun and let it snake through sections of your hair. 

Subtle and classy

Want to look extra femme but don’t want all the attention of a big ribbon? Then try a nice, black satin ribbon to give your hair something extra while still keeping it classy. 

Hairbands for drama

Ribbons aren’t just used for ponytails or braids. Try one when you're letting your hair a bit loose. Choose subtle colours like black or navy blue to give your ribbon headband a minimalist appeal or go bold with a printed one. Tip: Keep the ribbon in place by using hairspray.

Twist around braids

If you have time to make your hairstyle more elaborate, why not twist thin ribbons while doing a braided hairstyle to give your hair a whimsical upgrade?

A jewelled twist

Some might find it tacky but we think there’s something quite Parisian chic about using jewels and bows in a hairstyle. End a chic braid with a small bow and simply add a bejewelled clip to give your hairstyle a nice twist. 

Don’t just settle for one

If you’re feeling like adding a touch of the avant-garde to your style, don’t just settle with one bow. For a bigger statement, opt for contrasting colours to create a statement accessory. 

The ballerina bun

Here's something that's sweet and pretty. Tie a nice ribbon around a high bun to create the regal stance and silhouette that ballerinas are known for with just a touch of personality.

Bracelet pretty

You don't need to limit yourself to using ribbons just for your hair. Think outside the box. Might we interest you to try a ribbon scarf as a bracelet? Pick one in a neutral colour for a sophisticated look or brights for an oomph in your outfit.

Bag it

Add something pretty to your favourite bag by tying a nice ribbon scarf on the handle. It's a good way to customise your purse and express your personal style. 

(Cover photo from: sparksofjoyce)

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