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FAVE 5: Fanny Pack Gang

A true fashion piece glow-up

When we heard about the fanny pack trend making a comeback months ago, we didn't expect it to last in the limelight for long. Boy, oh, boy were we wrong! People have embraced the trend for good this time, leaving its labels of being "tacky" and "unfashionable" in its past. Today, it comes in a variety of colours, shapes, makes, and ways for wearing that it instantly became one of the biggest resurgences to date. So as a nod to this fashion piece glow-up, we're giving a nod to the fanny pack gang within the Community

Something blue

Girl in black with a blue belt bag

(Photo from: SunshineKelly) 

Back in business

Girl in orange suit and shorts

(Photo from: karenskierrific) 

Girl Graphic

Girl in streetwear

(Photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

Brighten the day

Girl with a rainbow fanny pack

(Photo from: Sharonlove)

Kandidly Kitty

Girl in black maxi dress with Hello Kitty belt bag

(Photo from: iamczari)

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