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FAVE 5: Festive Fashion

Cue the festival outfits!

There's a rise in music festivals on our side of the world — think Ultra Music Festival and We The Fest — but we’re not complaining. If you're contemplating your next festival ensemble, then why not borrow some inspiration from the Clozette Community?

Cheeky Tube Top

Festive Outfits

(Photo from: shinepascual)

Summer Cropped Top

Festive Outfits

(Photo from: Leannelow)

Of Shades and Headband

Festive Outfits

(Photo from: megannmonday)

Biker Shorts and Trainers

Festive Outfits

(Photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

Leopard Unitard

Festive Outfits

(Photo from: dhencayabyab)

(Cover photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

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