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FAVE 5: Fave Foodies

Yum yum!

Food is a universal language, even among the beauty and fashion enthusiasts in our Clozette Community. That's why for today, we're putting the spotlight on some of the scrumptious snaps they're gracing our feed with. Scroll on to see displays of food photography that will surely have your mouth water!

Hungry for hotpot

FAVE 5: Fave Foodies - Shemainexk

(Photo from: Shermainexk)

Pink paradise

FAVE 5: Fave Foodies - JoanneMara

(Photo from: JoanneMara)


FAVE 5: Fave Foodies - Woktravels

(Photo from: Woktravels)

Bowl baddie

FAVE 5: Fave Foodies - geoffreview

(Photo from: geoffreview)

Meat madness

FAVE 5: Fave Foodies - qinlovesmacaronsss

(Photo from: qinlovesmacaronsss)

(Cover photo from: qinlovesmacaronsss)

More snazzy shots coming your way here.