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FAVE 5: Golden Girls

Sparkling beauty

Time and setting are the most crucial factors when attempting to capture those Golden Hour shots we see everywhere on social media. The joy of getting that picturesque image thanks to nature’s aid is indescribable. If you have yet to test capturing these moments, then keep scrolling to see how the Clozette Community achieved it. 

Shady Lady

Golden Shots

(Photo from: deeyeenjazmine)

Sun Shy Babe

Golden Shots

(Photo from: Chervon)

Dusk Hour

Golden Shots

(Photo from: JessicaTan2511)

Peachy Glow

Golden Shots

(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)

Warm Skies

Golden Shots

(Photo from: LevyAmosin)

(Cover photo from: Lexiepuzon)

Take the perfect Golden Hour shot with this makeup look.