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FAVE 5: Geared In Grey

Sleek picks

It's true that the colour grey is not the most eye-catching hue, but it's anything but boring. This understated shade is versatile and rarely clash with Asian skin tones, so it's a great pick for days when you want to look sleek and chic. Keep scrolling to see how members of the Clozette Community sport this shade. 

Paired with a neutral

Grey Outfits

(Photo from: cieloemalee)

Carefree vibe

Grey Outfits

(Photo from: madamelindt)

Sassy in stripes

Grey Outfits

(Photo from: danicadelossantos)

Sleek aesthetic

Grey Outfits

(Photo from: astrityas)

Playful silhouettes

Grey Outfits

(Photo from: paradeoflove)

(Cover photo from: astrityas)

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