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FAVE 5: Hair Refresh Ideas

Give your crowning glory a makeover

Beauty makeovers don't need to be too drastic to make an impact. Sometimes all it takes is a change in hair colour to refresh your look. From balayage to simple highlights, giving your crowning glory a tint can brighten up your face in an instant. While hair colouring is a common practice nowadays, we know that it can still be daunting to dye locks, especially if it's your first time. To help you search for that perfect shade, here are some hair colour ideas from the Clozette Community

Ashy brown

(Photo from: dawnajoyce)

Chesnut brown

(Photo from: Lingwei)


(Photo from: idaerinchan)


(Photo from: CindyTong)

Rose gold

(Photo from: yunitaelisabeth)

(Cover photo from: CindyTong)

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