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There's a reason why maxi dresses remain to be a favourite item during the summer. Not only are they among the few pieces that are light and breezy but still give coverage (great for no-shave days!), but they're also very versatile and can be styled in countless ways. Keep scrolling for fresh ideas from the Clozette Community on how to style maxi dresses and skirts this summer.

As a pinafore

Maxi Dress Outfit

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Choose an asymmetrical hem

Maxi Dress Outfit

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Why do some people look fantastic in peach while others appear pale and washed-out? It all boils down to our skin's undertone. We often consider undertones when shopping for makeup but it's frequently overlooked in our fashion choices. Did you know that it's the reason why some shades complement our complexion better than others?

If you're not sure what your dominant undertone is, one of the easiest ways to find out is by doing the paper test where you hold a piece of white paper under your face. If your face appears golden, then you have a warm undertone, and if it looks pinkish, it's a sign that you most likely have a cool undertone. Another way to identify your specific undertone is via a colour identifier app. Once you've already figured it out, keep reading to learn which the best colours to wear according to your skin's undertone are.

For those with yellow undertone: golden yellow, orange and green

Yellow Outfit Inspiration

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Ladies with yellow undertone will look great in golden yellow, orange and green. Wearing these shades will bring out the radiance in your complexion. On the flip side, you should avoid strong yellows, like canary yellow, because they will wash you out. Those shades that are between violet and blue are also not the best colours for you because they will clash with your skintone. But if you really love these shades, you can still incorporate them into your ensembles through accessories like a belt. You can take style cues from celebrities with yellow undertones such as Gemma Chan and Lee Sung Kyung.

For those with pink undertone: black, deep pinks, violet and blue

Streetstyle Inspiration

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Deep and creamy colours are a great match for your pink undertone. Classic black, the darker hues of pink like magenta or fuschia, violet, and blue are the best shades for you. Meanwhile, you should stay away from peach, beige and light yellow because these won't blend well with your complexion or even cause a camouflage effect that will make you appear nude from afar. Elle Fanning and Song Hye Kyo are a couple of celebrities with a pink undertone that you can reference for your future outfits.

For those with olive undertone: red, deep orange and basil green

Orange Jumpsuit

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Those with olive undertone can play around with pops of neon and earth-toned colours. However, the most recommended shades for your skintone are red, deep orange and basil green. The richness of these colours will bring out the glow in your complexion. Some popular personalities with the same undertone are Priyanka Chopra and Sofia Vergara.

For those with blue undertone: green, violet and red

Red Dress

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Gals with blue undertones will benefit from wearing rich, deep tones like red, emerald green and violet. These colours will make your complexion stand out and look more radiant than it already is. In contrast, super bright colours like neon orange and yellow would look awkward and may make your skin appear sallow, so it's best to steer away from these shades. For inspiration, you can check out what colours blue-undertoned celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Dita Von Teese or Anna Kendrick wear on the red carpet. 

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Knowing what’s happening to our planet because of the things we own, including clothes and accessories, that eventually turn into waste is really alarming. We all love fashion, no doubt about it. But it’s also high time we consider what we put on and keep in our wardrobes. Looking to lessen your carbon footprint? Here are some of our favourite sustainable Filipino fashion brands and where to find them.

Chic net bags from Simula PH

For beach bums who need chic, lightweight, and handy totes, these net bags from Simula PH are for you. They come in fun colours pink, blue, and white. Use them to keep your beach essentials intact or as a grocery bag to avoid single-use plastic bags. Apart from their stylish and functional features, each purchase of these net bags helps Simula PH aid small communities, PWDs, and other foundations. You can find them in bazaars from time to time in the metro or order from their Instagram account.

Leather creations from Cosimo

Leather products from Cosimo, such as everyday bags and luggage, go beyond just being bespoke and handcrafted with high-quality materials. They use upcycled materials like leather jackets to make their bags, which can be used by both men and women for school, office or travel use. The best thing about these bags? You can use them to complement either your laidback and relaxed outfit or your dapper and well-dressed look. You can purchase these bags through the brand's Instagram.

Swimwear from Body Party PH 

Each Body Party swimsuit is made of recycled fishnets and/or plastic bottles, perfect for every eco-conscious woman. Arguably, the crowd’s favourite is their collaboration with Filipina TV actress, host and style icon Solenn Heusaff because the swimsuits’ designs are inspired by her artworks. But you can wear any of their designs for a beach trip if you want to exude a truly tropical vibe. Stay tuned to their Facebook page to get first dibs on new designs.

Traditional weaves from Kaayo

Channel your inner Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray when you wear any Kaayo piece created using the traditional weaving patterns from the indigenous people of Bagobo and T’Boli in Mindanao. Kaayo handcrafts every piece they offer. Get the Tangkulo scarf, which adds colour to both plain casual and formal outfits, or one of their hand-beaded jackets perfect for formal meetings. They have a physical store at MARTISH Store. JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City. You can also reach them at +63 936 921 6254 or visit their Instagram page.

Sandals and slip-ons from Renegade Folk

One can also celebrate their Filipino roots through footwear with the brand Renegade Folk. You can find stylish, classy, and durable sandals and slip-ons here proudly handmade by Marikina sapateros (shoemakers). You can wear them on the beach with your flowy resort wear, during casual strolls around the mall in your denim shorts and plain shirt, or when you’re running errands in your favourite khaki pants and shirt. You can get your own Renegade Folk pair here.

Every day wear from Pio Pio

Wearing textile from different parts of one's country is indeed a nice thing to do — not just sartorially but also in terms of helping local artisans. That's exactly what Pio Pio wants everyone to do as they redesign local and traditional fabric into everyday wear. They have bomber jackets and off-shoulder tops that are best to wear when travelling, kimonos that you can wear in the summer, and other interesting pieces that you can wear with Filipino pride. You can shop their pieces here.

(Cover photo from: @kaayo.ph)

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