FAVE 5: Mini Bags | Clozette

Today, mini bags are blossoming everywhere and we think it deserves a spot in our wardrobe, too! If you don't have one yet and are not sure how to pull off this trend, check out how the Clozette Community styles mini bags.

Mini Shoulder Bag

Mini Bucket Bag
(Photo from: Cherrish)

Cute Tote

Cute Tote
(Photo from: Cherrish)

Pocket Bag

Pocket Bag
Pocket Bag
Pocket Bag
(Photo from: ladies_journal)

Mini Clutch

Mini Clutch
(Photo from: blackivorystyle)

Micro Purse

Micro Purse
(Photo from: Sheiladytiu)

(Cover photo from: Sheiladytiu)

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It’s Monday and we’re back to hustle! As you work towards your goals, keep your week interesting by reading up on all the exciting news. From content creators in the Philippines enjoying a night of glitz and glam at the E! Pop Gala to Emily Ratajkowski being sued for posting a photo on IG — here are all the juiciest updates you need to know for the days to come. Read up and get your week started with these fresh bites.

Filipino content creators enjoy a dazzling E! Pop Gala

This year, E! Philippines’ annual E! Bloggers Ball got an exciting update. Opening this year as the E! Pop Gala, the event held at City of Dreams Manila last 27 October was definitely bigger and better. Now on its fourth year, E! Pop Gala marks the annual gathering of the digital community in the Philippines. From bloggers, vloggers, to online celebrities and influencers (including some members of our very own Clozette Community) — all the trendsetters were there for a night to remember. Hosted by TV presenter Janeena Chan with performances by local acts, the gala was a celebration of pop culture, with the most influential guests coming in glam outfits inspired by iconic fashion moments. Check out the awardees above.

Is it friendship over for Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook?

Meanwhile, drama seems to be brewing yet again within the digital community on the other side of the globe. After defending Tati Westbrook during her feud with James Charles, beauty mogul Jeffree Star has reportedly unfollowed his friend on Twitter and Instagram. Neither of them has commented on it publicly, but fans are speculating it might have been because Tati released her eyeshadow palette one week before Jeffree and Shane Dawson released theirs. So, is it really friendship over for the two? Let’s wait until all tea is spilled — perhaps we’ll even find out on their upcoming videos on YouTube.

Emily Ratajkowski is being sued for posting a photo of herself on IG

Life can be really messy for celebrities. Even more so for Emily Ratajkowski right now. Apparently, photographer Robert O’Neil has filed a lawsuit against the model for copyright infringement. The image was of Emily taken while she was out in New York. She posted it on her Instagram stories, which was live for 24 hour. The photographer is claiming she used his image without properly crediting him. He’s seeking USD150,000 plus the profits the model made from his work. This isn’t the first time he sued a celebrity for using his photos without credit; last time, it was Gigi Hadid for posting a photo of Zayn Malik. Should celebrities have no ownership of photos taken of them? What do you think?

Maje launches their first sustainable collection

Maje releasing their first-ever sustainable collection and content creators in the Philippines enjoying the E! Pop Gala are just two of the biggest news this weekend.

On a more positive note, French fashion brand Maje makes a statement with the launch of their first-ever sustainable collection. The brand takes their first step towards a more ethical approach on fashion with First Stone, a capsule collection of denim. In case you didn't know, making denim is one of the most wasteful production processes in the industry. By adopting new stone-wash techniques in the production, Maje has made a considerable reduction to their water, chemical, and energy consumption. The eco-friendly collection is showcased by three women — Nuria, Michaela, and Bianca — who are actively spearheading initiatives for the environment. Work your way towards sustainable living, too, by shopping the capsule collection when it comes out this November in Maje’s boutique in Marina Bay Sands.

(Cover photo from: HazelStyleWitch)

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Kaftans (or caftans) is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that a woman can wear — but it can also look quite dated if you don’t know which piece to choose. This flowy piece seems to be too casual for officewear and too summery to just be worn in any weather. But is it? Kaftans have also appeared on the runway, including shows by Gucci and Tory Burch. Stylish status? Definitely up there. Not to mention, kaftans are also wonderfully comfortable. How can you pull off the kaftan and incorporate it into your daily wear? Check out the following styling tips.

Pastel-coloured kaftan

(Photo from: Paperkitties)

Choose white

White kaftans are not only fresh to look at but they are also the easiest to style. Bold and colourful accessories stand out when you’re wearing white and accessorising it with leather pieces like sandals, belts or bags just adds a touch of rugged beauty to it. 

Pair with pants

Pants and kaftan? Why not? Add a bit of boho flair to your ensemble by pairing a flared denim pants with a mid-leg kaftan. Wear a nice simple tank inside so you have the option to take off the kaftan when it gets too hot. 

Over an LBD

Need to go somewhere a bit formal? A neutral-coloured kaftan over a little black dress is a nice elegant option to consider. Simply wear the kaftan over your black dress (better if this is a slip dress) then pair with a dressy clutch and bright-coloured kitten heels. 

Leather and kaftans

No, we’re not suggesting that you find yourself a leather kaftan but a kaftan paired with leather pieces creates a nice ensemble for going out. Choose a fabric with a plain, neutral colour and then accessorise with leather pieces to contrast. With that, you’d be good to go with a minimalist look.

Embrace the Mexican aesthetic

Do you love the bright colours and floral embroidery of most Mexican fabrics? We do, too. Which is why Mexican-inspired kaftans will always be a big “yes” for us. Choose bright-coloured tunic-types or long dresses with bright embroidery for a nice and fun casual style. Then pair it with your favourite leather sandals, simple jewellery, and woven bag to complete the look. 

(Cover photo from: Paperkitties)

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