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Though often overlooked, your nails add tons to your overall vibe. Your outfit is never complete without a good set of finely manicured nails. If done right, they can be treated as accessories by themselves. One sure-fire way to add a bit of glam to your everyday is by treating your nails as a canvas. That’s right — go ahead and have fun painting your nails with interesting designs. Plain-coloured nails are great for versatility, but take it up a notch by trying out differing shades, patterns, or even glittering gems. Check out how the Clozette Community aced their nail game with their chosen nail art designs.

Totally fruity

Nail art featuring fruits
Nail art featuring fruits
Nail art featuring fruits
Nail art featuring fruits
(Photo from: qiyunz)

Gold and pearl

Nails with pearl and glitter designs
(Photo from: GohSherlyn)

Subtly charmed

Differently coloured nails with subtle jewels
(Photo from: StilettoesDiva)

All blue

Blue nail art designs
Blue nail art designs
Blue nail art designs
(Photo from: melndrums)

Plain and simple

Plain nude-coloured nails
(Photo from: sparksofjoyce)

(Cover photo from: qiyunz)

While you’re at it, care for your nails’ health with these tips.



If there is anything to be thankful for from the ‘80s then it would be music from Madonna and Michael Jackson, aerobics, Mel Gibson, and ‘80s neon fashion. Believe it or not, the latter is considered to be a growing trend in both wardrobe and makeup and we’re now seeing more stars gamely donning bright colours on and off the red carpet. Neon makeup, in particular, is a brave yet surprisingly fun and pretty beauty option that can add a pop of cheer to your overall ensemble. 

But how do we do neon makeup without looking like the female version of Boy George? Here are our best tips.

Know the occasion

Zero in on the reason you want to try neon makeup. If it’s to go out clubbing with friends then, by all means, go crazy with trying new colours that could match your skin. Neon eyeshadow or lipstick can help you stand out nicely in the crowd. If the occasion is “meet the boyfriend’s parents for the first time” then you might just want to hold off on the acid green eyeshadow.

Know the right colour palette

Wearing neon makeup is tricky, so it’s actually best to plan your whole ensemble beforehand. Know which shades go with your outfit and start from there. Orange eyeshadow with a purple top might actually look too “Halloween-y” but a bright pink lippie with a bright teal dress could truly make for an impressive ensemble.

Make sure the makeup matches the hair 

An acid green eyeliner with Little Mermaid red hair? It could work. But also be open to options. The plan is to flawlessly blend everything and add just a pop of colour. The secret is to choose which colour goes well with your complexion. Which brings us to our next tip.

Choose a colour that best fits your skin

If you're on the medium and fair spectrum, bright pinks and oranges (whether for lippie or eyeshadow) can be used to highlight your best assets but you might want to shy away from colours like yellow, which could look washed out. Olive-skinned ladies, on the other hand, could benefit from Earthy-colors such as green, blue and even orange. But don't let these deter you from having fun. Try out any shade you like, but make sure to blend, blend, blend! 

Don’t be afraid to go unconventional

Take a page from Patrick Ta's makeup book. The celebrity makeup artist gave influencer Camila Coelho a new spin to the neon look by adding body oil and lip gloss from his new Major Glow collection on top of her eyeshadow. The result is a dewy and shimmery look that's not over the top. Need something similar? Some actually swear by using petroleum jelly to add just a bit of shine on bright eye makeup.

Keep it simple

It might sound counterproductive, but the secret to truly great neon makeup is to keep things simple. Choose only one part of your face that you wish to highlight. Do you want bright lips? Bright eyes? Bright cheeks? Stick to that and you’ll be fine.

If you’re not ready for bright eyeshadow yet, then you can always opt for a colourful mascara or a simple bright spot in the corner of your eye. Hollywood director Ava Duvernay, for example, added a sort of “reverse cat eye makeup” using shimmery green in the inner corner of her peepers to match her gown and the beads in her hair which she wore in this year’s Met Gala.

Still afraid of something too bright? Neutralise a colour by keeping the rest of your makeup simple. Bright lilac eyeshadows, for example, can be paired with a nude lipstick or a dab of subtle blush.

(Cover photo from: @ai_tinker_b)

Make sure you're using eye-safe neon products, though! Learn more about them here.



With all that we put them through in our daily lives, our hands really deserve some tender loving care once in a while. There are many activities that dry out the skin, damage the cuticles and thin out the nails, but there are a few ways we’d like to share to keep those digits beautiful. Here are our best nail tips that are easy to follow.

Consume protein-rich foods

A table full of protein-rich foods

Nails are made of a protein called keratin, and by simply tweaking your diet to include more protein like fish, nuts and beans, you can improve the condition of your nails. Supplements like biotin, Vitamin E and fish oil can also boost nail health. Once you’ve figured out the perfect combination, you’ll be rewarded with strong, shiny nails.

Moisturise cuticles

Bottles of cuticle oil and a pipette on a white surface

Think of your cuticle as the great wall that stands between your nail bed and a host of infections it may be exposed to. As part of your regular nail care routine, we suggest moisturising them with hand cream or cuticle oil and refrain from trimming or pushing them back to maintain their health and integrity.

Give your nails a break

Person getting her nails painted

While gel nails and acrylics are beautiful and last pretty much forever, they can take a toll on your natural nails. Going from one manicure to the next without giving them time to rejuvenate can result in yellowed, brittle nails and damaged nail beds from chemical exposure, which leads to the weakening the structure of the nail.

Be gentle with your nails

Healthy nails with pretty yet simple nail art

It’s pretty satisfying to get dirt out from under your nails during a home manicure session, but using metal tools under the nails is actually a big no-no, according to professionals. This process can lift and separate the nail plate from the skin, eventually resulting in a condition called onycholysis. 

Use hand cream

A bottle of lavender hand cream like this one laying on top of a book can help you get healthier nails

Sounds a little extra to go out of your way to moisturise your hands but you’ll thank us in the long run as we spend much of our time in cold, dry environments such as offices, shopping malls, and even our homes on a hot day (hello, airconditioning!). Much like a sleeping mask, you can use a mix of oils to hydrate and strengthen the nails and cuticles, or just a squeeze of hand cream will do nicely.

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