FAVE 5: Amongst Flowers | Clozette

Most of our Clozetters share amazingly stunning photos. But our ladies sure know how to up the whimsicality of their snaps by using the power of flowers. Photography amongst amazing flora not only makes for good composition but it also creates stellar frames to match our Community's stylish ensembles. Confused? Let these photos among flowers speak for themselves!

Sunny disposition

Clozetter at a sunflower field
(Photo from: hannatantoco)

Floral pathways

Clozetter in pink walking in path with flowery shrubs
Clozetter in pink walking in path with flowery shrubs
(Photo from: tellemaywhy)


Flower fantasia

Clozetter in Flora Fantasy in Marina Bay Sands
Clozetter in Flora Fantasy in Marina Bay Sands
Clozetter in Flora Fantasy in Marina Bay Sands
Clozetter in Flora Fantasy in Marina Bay Sands
Clozetter in Flora Fantasy in Marina Bay Sands
(Photo from: Chervon)

To the land of whimsy

Clozetter entering a floral arch
(Photo from: yuniqueyuni)

All serene

Clozetter relaxed in balcony with flowers
(Photo from: SharonLove)

(Cover photo from: Chervon)

Another way to stand out is to channel the power of red with these bold and fiery outfits.



Having a hard time putting together an outfit for the nth time? If shopping for more clothes isn’t an option, why don’t you let the stars lead your way? That’s right. Who knows? You might just find inspiration on what colour or style to wear. The movement of the sun, the moon, or a star in our mysterious universe could very well be your guide for today’s look. So feel the energy of the cosmos and follow the signs. Here are the best pieces of fashion advice to follow based on your zodiac sign.


Woman wearing a red plaid dress

(Photo from: shermaineinez)

The Aries lady likes to show her confidence so it would only make sense if she also dresses to be recognised. The best way to do this is to choose a colour that can definitely make you stand out. The easiest pick is, of course, red. Be like Miss Universe Catriona Gray who chose to wear red in a sea of platinum gowns.  


Woman wearing a black dress

(Photo from: Aggynuguid)

The Taurus woman is well-connected with nature and the Earth. She enjoys routines and doesn’t mind following a schedule on a daily basis. Because of this, Tauruses wouldn’t say no to an outfit they know they can rely on every day. Invest in a little black dress, which you can style up or down depending on your mood or inspiration. 


Woman wearing black track pants

(Photo from: margasayson)

Busy Gemini girls are so dedicated to whatever passion project they are doing that they most likely wish they could clone themselves to cover more of the job. Because of this, Geminis need clothes that are trendy but are also easy to work in. What better wardrobe piece to pick than a pair of fashionable track pants that ensure our hardworking Gemini is not only comfortable but also looks super good while wearing it?


Woman wearing a camisole top and plaid blazer

(Photo from: SmitaDeSouza)

Being a water sign, a Cancer is amazingly fluid and can easily navigate through life no matter the situation. Match this personality by wearing clothes that you can wear from day to night. Try on a sexy slip dress paired with a nice blazer for day time. And then easily just take off the outerwear when it’s time for drinks with the girls. 


Woman holding a suede bucket bag

(Photo from: lynxling)

The lion might be the king of the jungle, but Leos are obviously the queens when it comes to statement-making fashion. The Lion Lady enjoys eye-catchingly unique pieces. A fringed bag is definitely a must-have.


(Photo from: cassansaurusanaesi)

Ever the perfectionist, the Virgo lady never leaves the house not made up. Our Virgo girlfriends always look so polished wearing the perfect top, bottoms and accessories. They prove that when it comes to fashion, you can rely on a Virgo to make the right choices. With its clean lines and sophisticated silhouette, a sleek jumpsuit is their go-to. 


Woman wearing a quirky lavender outfit.

(Photo from: tellemaywhy)

Always a lady of balance, the Libra girl can be relied on to create an outfit that’s perfectly in sync with her mood. Expect constant outfit changes with this girlfriend but also expect a style aesthetic that’s truly her own. If you're a Libra, we're sure you know that mixing and matching different prints and textures is right up your alley. 


Woman wearing an off-shoulder blouse

(Photo from: ChristabellePQZ)

Scorpios are all about passion so expect her to wear clothes that make her confidently sexy. Show a bit of skin by wearing sheer clothing, a well-constructed top or a dress that shows your décolletage. 


Woman wearing a preppy outfit

(Photo from: Cherrish)

The Sagittarius girl is a bookish type who enjoys the constant pursuit of knowledge. Which is why it is best to complement this personality with a style that's just as smart. Don’t say no to a well-fitting flannel top paired with flared pants that scream campus cutie.


Woman wearing a floral dress

(Photo from: qiyunz)

The Capricorn woman is well in-tune with her emotional side. Caring and sensitive, her fashion style runs along the lines of sweet and girly. So indulge your feminine side when shopping and choose a nice floral ensemble that we know you’ll love.


Woman wearing a graphic shirt

(Photo from: weetingchua)

Ladies under this air sign are caring, dutiful and are known humanitarians. It’s easy to dress an Aquarius because she’s more concerned about saving the Earth than finding the right top to wear. A nice shirt is all this woman needs to keep her happy. 



When it comes to fashion, nothing spells “lazy chic” better than incorporating your sexy slip dress into your ensemble. A slip dress may be an odd choice for a fashion staple, but this sexy yet comfortable piece can definitely make for a versatile piece for the office with just a couple of tweaks. Curious? Here are a few tips on how to pull it off.  

Wear it with a blazer

Woman wearing a slip-dress with a blazer

(Photo from: nickykow)

Soften the boxy look of a blazer by choosing to wear a slip top or dress underneath. This combo perfectly complements each other, mixing dressiness with a feminine and sultry vibe. If you'd like to wear it for casual Fridays, you can switch your tailored bottoms with a pair of your favourite jeans or a denim skirt.  

Try a jacket

Girl wearing oversized camo jacket

(Photo from: thisinnagirl)

If you're in the creative field, this combo is the ultimate soft and hard mix since you’re basically pairing something feminine with a touch of beefcake fashion. To pull off this look, choose a dark, neutral-coloured slip dress (black is ideal) so it goes well with the earthy tones of the camo jacket. Wear your favourite sneakers to tie the look together. 

Wear it as a skirt

Woman in top-to-toe black

(Photo from: laveenb)

Get away with wearing a slip dress or top for the office by nicely layering it with your favourite button-down shirt or a dressy top and wear it like a skirt. The combination exudes fun and sexiness, totally spicing up your corporate attire. It's perfect for any type of top and kicks, too!

Layer with a cute pullover

Woman wearing grey pullover over slip dress

(Photo from: theliyanaaris)

Lastly, take notes from K-style and pair your slip dress with a cute pullover for a chill yet still stylish day at the office. Complete the look by wearing pretty pumps or strappy sandals to still maintain a dressy appeal. And then tie the look together with minimal accessories and a boxy hand clutch to provide some contrast. Voilà! A comfy yet chic outfit.

(Cover photo from: theliyanaaris)

Eyeing some sheer clothing on your next shopping spree? Learn more about styling them here.