FAVE 5: Rad In Red | Clozette

Undoubtedly, red can be an intimidating colour to wear because it’s bold and eye-catching. Aside from that, it can be quite difficult to style without overpowering your other pieces. But fret not! Our Clozetters are here to show how to own the shade and strut it with confidence.


Whimsical floral

Girl wearing a red floral maxi dress is standing in in a pathway with red flowering vines.

(Photo from: shermaineinez)



Warmer days are already here! It's time to hit the beach and enjoy the bright weather before the monsoon season comes again. This summer, bright colours and playful, quirky prints will dominate the swimwear trends. In terms of cuts, conventional pretty bikinis are back in style while funky asymmetrical designs take a step back. Lucky you if you already have these trending pieces in your wardrobe! Ahead, the five swimsuit trends to watch out for.

Halter one-piece

Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

(Photo from: Leannelow)

There's no denying that halter silhouettes are really cute. Who knew that they could also work for one-piece swimsuits? Try this trend if you want to show off your curves in a classy way. Find something that's in bright colours to suit the cheerful summer mood. 

Cheeky prints

Flamingo Bikini

(Photo from: megannmonday)

Bring a splash of fun to your swimwear wardrobe by going for cheeky prints. Whether it's flamingoes or strawberries, a little daintiness can't hurt. After all, summer is all about experimenting with different colours and prints. 


Gingham Bikini

(Photo from: MeAnClemente)

That's right, gingham is back! This picnic mat print has now crossed into beachwear territory. We bet you already own at least one gingham piece, and with that, you can do a matchy-matchy look for your cover-up ensemble when you're out of the water. You can just easily pair either a gingham skirt or crop top with a gingham bikini and it will look really cute. 

Bright blues

Blue Bikini

(Photo from: sodapopp)

You'd think pastels have the spotlight this summer. Well, you'd be wrong because it's time for bright blues to shine. Powder blue, azure and cobalt are popular choices for the season. We suggest you complement these shades by wearing accessories in contrasting colours, like a yellow hat or orange flip-flops. 



Plaid has always been a versatile fabric. From Scottish Tartans to the famous Burberry nova check print to schoolgirls' skirts, plaid has a way of inserting itself across styles and cultures. For this week’s Fave 5, these Clozette girls put a twist on the pattern by styling it in ways that take it from classic to current.

(Cover photo from: manicpixiedani)