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Here in the tropics, we don’t really experience many seasonal changes. It’s sadly always just either rainy or sunny here. But with all the fall fashion trends popping up, we can’t help but fall for colours that make us feel like we’re having the season we can never have. Warm tones like muted oranges, deep reds, and rustic shades are all the rage now that it’s getting quite a bit colder. Want to join in on the fun? Let these ladies from the Clozette Community inspire your ber-month ensembles.

(Cover photo from: astrityas)

Fill your wardrobe with stylish rust-coloured pieces below.

This September, we’re all about championing our voice by celebrating our beauty. We all have our own unique charms, which makes it even more imperative for us to showcase them at their best. We’re also in constant search of new products that will help bring out the best in us. And this month, we’re eyeing these style and beauty picks to help us feel beautiful inside and out. 


Deputy Editor

Blazer from MAJE F/W 2019

Blazer from MAJE F/W 2019 collection, price unavailable

“Living in the tropics has made me averse to outerwear of all kinds. The weather just doesn't get as cold as to warrant a blazer or coat! But there's no denying the chicness of a blazer even when every other piece in your ensemble is quite plain. It amps your style's beauty a notch higher. So I've decided to finally consider biting the bullet with the MAJE VILIA Noir blazer that's a mix of '60s hip and military chic.”


Features Writer and Campaign Executive

Our style and beauty picks for september include Fitbit Versa 2™

Fitbit Versa 2™, SGD318

“Exercise is a great way to stimulate our bodies into being healthier and I believe that beauty, at its core, should also include how fit we are from within. With this in mind, my eye immediately caught the new Fitbit Versa 2™, which delivers more advanced health, fitness, and smart features than its predecessors.  It ensures a holistic and more efficient wellness routine. It's also swim-proof, packed with features like Sleep Score and smart wake to make sure I get the most out of my beauty sleep. As the first-ever Fitbit to have an Alexa and Spotify smartwatch experience, it will keep me grounded with all my tasks even when I'm out exercising.”


Features Writer and Community Specialist

PAZZION Light Blue Open Toe Block Heels

PAZZION Light Blue Open Toe Block Heels, price unavailable

“When it comes to footwear, I value quality over quantity. I don't mind paying for more as long as the item is worth it. While shoes are often an after-thought, to me, that shouldn't be the case. It's important to pick a good design that can bring out the beauty of what you're wearing. A great pair of shoes will also improve your stance and even the way you carry yourself in social situations. To update my mini shoe collection, I'm thinking of getting PAZZION's open-toed sandals with block heels in light blue. It's so versatile and looks like it's built to last many years!”


Features Writer

LEOWE Mini Lazo bag

LEOWE Mini Lazo bag, price unavailable

“No outfit is ever complete without a bag! Bags are my favourite accessory, and I can never go someplace without them. Aside from keeping my essentials safe, they add a whole other dimension to my look. Still, because I’m a no-fuss type of girl, I hate having to constantly move my stuff when I switch bags. That’s why I’m looking to invest in one with a classic style like LEOWE’s Mini Lazo bag. Despite being small, this one has enough compartments to fit all my essentials comfortably. It’s simple but chic because of its ribbon-like details, making it a completely versatile bag to fit any outfit. “


Features Writer

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Dynamic Youthcare Cream

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Dynamic Youthcare Cream, SGD100

“I have dry-combination skin so I need a hyper-moisturising cream that will hydrate my skin and help smoothen textured areas. My skin is also prone to looking dull and tired if not properly moisturised but I’m not a fan of greasy, oily creams. This is why I’m highly looking forward to testing out L’Occitane’s new Immortelle Precious Dynamic Youthcare Cream as it contains Hyaluronic Acid, dry skin’s best friend.”


Community Executive

Pandora Pink Murano Glass Leaf Hoop Earrings

Pandora Pink Murano Glass Leaf Hoop Earrings, SGD99

“Earrings are every woman's best friend. With the Autumn/Winter 2019 season creeping up, I can't help but opt for warm and flattering tones when it comes to my accessories. Pandora is launching its Autumn 2019 Collection, which features a collection of hand-finished designs in shades of pink. The Pink Murano Glass Leaf Hoop Earrings in rose gold is the perfect match to my everyday make up look — au naturel with a hint of rosy pink on the cheeks. A simple yet chic accessory that stands out without even trying.“


Creative Manager

Milani Gilded Rouge Eyeshadow Palette

Milani Gilded Rouge Eyeshadow Palette, price unavailable

“This time I’m eyeing Milani’s new Gilded Rouge Eyeshadow Palette. I love it for its variety of colours and how versatile it is; it's great for day or night looks. I heard the pigmentation of the eyeshadow is really good, too, but still very easy to blend. I have very oily eyelids and this eyeshadow palette is said to be one that really stays on. It is definitely an eyeshadow palette that I’d use on a regular basis.”


Creative Manager

Pantene Micellar Water Pure & Natul Shampoo

Pantene Micellar Water Pure & Natul Shampoo, SGD14.50 (guardian.com.sg)

“As a person who styles her hair with products and relies heavily on dry shampoo, it's not easy finding a shampoo that can help cleanse my scalp well. That's until I found Pantene Micellar Water Pure & Natul Shampoo. Its charcoal component helps detox my scalp from product build-up without drying my hair. Plus, it makes the scalp and hair feel fresh.”

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The women of today are always on the go. Whether it be in line with their careers, their relationships or their personal lives, they make no room for nonsense and take ownership of their own decisions. And it's only fitting that a woman who is always so empowered and who also inspires others owns essentials that enable her to be the best that she can be. Want to know what these essentials are? Ahead, we line up everything you need to complete your modern-day woman arsenal. 

A trusty neutral eye palette

A Modern Woman's New Essentials - Lily Lolo Eye Palette

Lily Lolo Eyeshadow Palette via Beautybar Philippines, price unavailable

Practical yet full of possibilities, every modern-day woman needs a neutral eye palette in her vanity. Nothing too flashy nor too bland for any type of agenda, dressing up your peepers to gear it up for looking your goals in the eye — pun intended — is the woman of today's battle armour, along with a classic red lippie. 

A not-so-traditional blazer

A Modern Woman's New Essentials - Maje Valery Silver Blazer

Maje Valery Silver Blazer, price unavailable

Gone are the days when plain black blazers are the only options for our girl bosses. Now, non-traditional coats that still command the room yet have their own flair lead the modern-day woman's wardrobe. Structured and elegant yet also fun and sultry, today's array of blazers truly match the multi-hyphenated women of today. 

An easy way to pay

It's no secret that women's daily routines consist of a myriad of non-routinary tasks — everyday is ever-changing! So whenever you're out and about doing your business, you wouldn't want to be caught in a hassle of not having cash in your wallet on your way to check out some goods. The best solution? Go cashless. GCash enables you to transfer money, pay your bills, buy mobile load and make your purchases with nothing more than your smartphone. 

Versatile mules that serve style and durability

Pazzion Classic Slingback Leather Loafer Mules, SGD86/~USD62

Let's face it. As much as heels give you that extra dose of confidence, they're not the most practical when you have a whole busy day ahead. We say swap those for today's new footwear staple: versatile neutral mules. Stylish yet nothing over-the-top that would get you called out in the office, these deliver the same empowering effects as high heels minus the pain with their edgy appeal and comfort-for-wear. Plus, mules can switch from formal to casual and vice-versa, unlike your usual sneakers, making them reliable kicks even when impromptu meetings are at hand. 

A sleek timepiece

A Modern Woman's New Essentials - Charriol Marie-Olga Timepiece

Charriol Marie-Olga Timepiece, price unavailable

Accessories elevate any outfit to a degree of elegance and class. But for the modern-day woman, not just any accessory can make the cut; it has to be versatile, sleek, and most importantly, functional. Nothing fits this description more than a dainty timepiece. Aside from its subtle glamour that fits any ensemble, you wouldn't need to worry about missing any of your appointments with this on your wrist. 

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