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FAVE 5: Legs For Days

Comfortably sexy

Here in the tropical region, we face even the rainy season with an intense degree of humidity. Luckily, we can easily fight this stuffiness we feel by wearing short and airy clothes. Not only that, but wearing short bottoms elongates the figure and help petite ladies appear a bit taller. So quit thinking twice about showing off your legs. If you’re looking for ways to own your figure and beat the heat, check out how the Clozette Community styles their short outfits for breezy comfort.

Over the rocks

Woman in a short silk dress jumps over the rocks

(Photo from: shermaineinez)

A short trip

Woman sitting on a train wearing short shorts

(Photo from: Poppypeppery)

Lounging in monochrome

Short outfits like this grey form fitting dress elongates your height>

(Photofrom: Suzanneooi)

Sandy walks

Woman wearing a peach romper walks along the shore

(Photo from: celestiafaithchong)

Sitting pretty

Woman wearing a beige skirt sits in front of a dining table

(Photo from: LevyAmosin)

(Cover photo from: Suzanneooi)

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