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FAVE 5: Soft Style Hues

Life's always pretty in pink

The brighter days are here and with them come along our penchant for soft hues. With the flowers blooming, we can't help but feel like cladding ourselves in delicate pink to show our femininity. Check out how the Clozette Community styles their rose-coloured outfits to match the delicate season.

Tied with a ribbon

Girl wearing a pink a-line button-up miniskirt is standing in a field of plants.

A good night's sleep 

A woman in a pink laced nightdress stands by the windows while holding a bouquet of pink roses.

Blushing in joy

A pregnant lady wearing a pink tent dress is standing and smiling in the middle of a street lined with colourful shophouses and red Chinese lanterns

Pink and preppy

A girl wearing a pink sweater tucked in a brown pleated miniskirt

All buckled-up

A lady wearing a white blouse and pink shorts is standing outside the entrance of a cafe.

(Cover photo from: tellemaywhy)