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January is a month where we can still enjoy the cool breeze of the holidays while also basking in the welcoming warmth of the summer sun. And such weather can only mean one thing: spring is already peeking at us. That's why our Community temporarily said goodbye to their fall burgundies and reds and said hello to brights and florals to channel a hint of spring in their daily ensembles. 

Soft blooms

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Petaled sleeves

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The age of Farmville, celebrity mohawks, everything vampire-themed (looking at you, Twilight) and of course, MySpace, it's safe to say that 2009 is an epic piece of recent history for all of us. This is whether we're talking about the good, the bad or the extremely cringe-y. And to be honest, most of the things that we've mentioned earlier are still pretty fresh in our memories that it's weird to think it's already been a decade since. 

With the '10 Year Challenge' rising once again from the ashes, we get reminded that time flies really fast and looking back once in a while to see where we've been and where we're at is a refreshing experience. Even celebrities jumped in on this year's version of the trend by using hashtag #2009vs2019 and ICYMI, here's what some of them contributed. 

Lily Collins

In 2009, Lily Collins was a newcomer in the industry, starring alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side and having guest spots in the 90210  TV series remake. Fast forward to a decade later, she has now become a household name, starring in multiple romcoms, dramas, biopics and more and has had multiple acting awards added to her belt. But even with the major jump career-wise, some things never change. As she pointed out in her throwback post, her love for sequins didn't seem to falter and we can't blame her because she can really rock the look!

Reese Witherspoon

We had to do a double-take upon seeing this photo because Reese doesn't seem to have aged a day! The span of 2007 to 2010 was a trying period for both her career and personal life because of her struggles with creativity and not doing things she was passionate about. But since then, she has bounced back and created more films, started running a production company, and has been enjoying motherhood with her three beautiful children.

Brie Larson


Even Captain Marvel couldn't resist sharing a throwback photo, and she gave us a funny one at that. Serving us flashbacks of fashion looks from 2009 with her two-toned sheer top and denim shorts combo in one photo and an adorable pizza eating shot in the other, it's safe to say that trends may come and go but one's love for food is forever. 

Tyra Banks

The Smize Queen also joined the party by sharing a throwback photo of a look she wore in a 2009 Paris runway show. Her present look is just as fierce and gorgeous, and if we're being honest, we're totally digging her 2019 beauty look more!

Kate Beckinsale

Is it cheating if Kate used a 2005 photo instead of one from 2009? We don't think so because an older photo should show more disparities but hers just look incredibly vampiric, in the non-ageing kind of manner. Maybe she's channelling her character Selene from Underworld in this one? But aside from the awe-inspiring past and present comparison, what really impressed us about this throwback post is Kate saying in the caption that she's so much happier now. 

Jessica Biel

"What a difference ten years can make," she says. But honestly, we can't see it. We really hope Jessica Biel spills the secret to her fountain of youth because apart from her blonde to brunette transformation, we really can't believe those photos were taken a decade apart.  

Anne Hathaway

Hey, Anne, we have a question: How? If there's anything those 10 years have done to Anne Hathaway, it's definitely made her even more beautiful. In fact, she seems more glowing and healthier in her 2019 photo. She even said that it seems like she was "trying really hard not to do anything wrong" then in contrast to today where she feels like she's "doing what feels right." This reminds us that the landscape of acting, fashion and beauty has really changed a lot in the past decade and has definitely become more empowering towards women.

(Cover photo from: @lilyjcollins@annehathaway)

Have you heard? Neon green is the new It colour according to celebrities and here's how to nail wearing it



Just because Living Coral was hailed as the Pantone Color of the Year, doesn't mean that it's gonna be the only hue that will take the spotlight in 2019. These days, it looks like the celebrities are favouring a certain neon shade. Spotted on the likes of Kendal Jenner, Rihanna and Bella Hadid is the eye-catching neon green. We've already predicted maximalism to be a big trend this year, but we didn't expect it to take off so soon. If you're just as excited as we are, here are some celebrity-inspired tips on how to wear the neon green trend without looking ridiculous.

Pair it with black

Are you a little wary of wearing neon green? Take a cue from Kendall Jenner and pair your neon piece with black to balance your look. If you want to add a more colourful flair, you can also sport a makeup look and accessories in shades of green.

Wear it as an accent

Neons work great as accents because they add pizzazz to an otherwise plain ensemble. There are countless ways to incorporate neon green into your outfit. You can wear a neon vest over a crisp button-down like Bella Hadid, use a neon green belt or a scarf and the list goes on. Just make sure that it won't clash with the other colours you're already wearing.

Layer a neon green third piece

Be it a coat or a jacket, wearing a neon green third piece will give your outfit an instant upgrade. Just look at how Rihanna matched her statement tee with this glam oversized faux fur. It's also not as intimidating as wearing a neon top or pants since you can take it off or style it however you want. If you're not yet sure that you like this neon trend but want to try it out, buy a third piece first and see how it feels after wearing one a few times.

Suit up

For some reason, a single bright colour always works on a suit. Think about how Queen Elizabeth manages to pull off the most eccentric shades and the good news is, you can, too. So if your love for neon green is at an all-time high this month, don't be afraid to go all out. Let Blake Lively in this Versace number inspire you to take risks like a true-blue fashionista.

Go for edgy, clean cuts

Believe it or not, you can look super sleek in neon. The key to streamlining your look is to go for pieces with crisp cuts. A great example is this ensemble worn by Ashely Graham where her top beautifully and seamlessly matches her neon green pants.

Chanel Iman's party look is another evidence that with clean, elegant silhouettes, neon green can easily be the new black. 

(Cover photo from: @kendalljenner)

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