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FAVE 5: Bloom Where You're Planted

Fabulous florals

Aside from the pleasant weather, what we love most about the spring and summer seasons is the abundance of floral blooms. From the famed cherry blossom to the beloved, local bougainvillaea, the colourful scenery of nature at this time of the year makes for perfect photo opportunities. Take your portraits to the next level by taking inspiration from our Clozette Community. Ahead, the different tips and poses you can try when taking a snap with flowers as your background.

Coordinate your outfit

Pink Bougainvillaea Flowers

(Photo from: jenesispangilinan)

Angled up

Singapore Garden's By The Bay

(Photo from: Estherksz)

Walking by

Spring Scenery

(Photo from: themerriedlife)

Dramatic flair

Spring Scenery

(Photo from: ReginaChow)

In the middle

Zhong She Guan Guang Flower Market

(Photo from: PhyliciaMarie)

(Cover photo from: jenesispangilinan)

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