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FAVE 5: Body Art

It's a whole new level of body language

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Though many of them represent stories and meanings far deeper than what they seem, we have to agree that they also have plenty of aesthetic value on their own. These girls from the Clozette Community show us how to wear the tattoo in different ways for whether you're considering a long-term commitment or trying out a temporary tat. 

Rebellious Chic

retro tattoo

(Photo from: graceramirez)

Sharp Shooter

arrow tattoo

(Photo from: AprilNunez)

In Full Bloom

back tattoo

(Photo from: ninasinganon)


dreamcatcher tattoo

(Photo from: MelissaTowpich)


rib tattoo

(Photo from: MarlinaCarlos)

(Cover photo from: graceramirez)