FAVE 5: Twirling In Tulle | Clozette

Tulle has noticeably evolved and proven its versatility in recent years. This transparent fabric, which used to be exclusively used for formal wear, has been incorporated beautifully into every possible design and shape and we are totally digging it! And it looks like the Clozette Community loves it, too. 

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Twirl with elegance in these pieces!


When it comes to mini bags, there are two opposing camps: the ones who think they're cute and adorable and those who feel like they're not practical. And then there are the in-betweeners who can't decide if they should invest in one or not. Would they still spark joy for you years from now? Keep reading and you might just arrive at a decision.

Mini bags are for you if... you have a habit of overpacking

We've all been guilty of overstuffing our bags at one point. But this habit backfires really quickly; remember that time when you had to unearth your ringing phone from a seemingly bottomless pit that is your bag? By switching to a more lightweight and compact piece, you're gonna be forced to just bring the essentials and become more organised with your things. If you're a certified 'over-packer', then honey, it's time to shrink your bag.

Mini bags are for you if... you want to streamline your silhouette

Mini bags are the best at showcasing your outfit and it will make you look sleeker compared to, say, if you would carry a big tote. If you're petite, a huge bag will quickly overshadow your ensemble. Plus, you can experiment with different cuts of clothing (puffed-sleeves, dramatic frocks) without having to worry if it will clash with your bag size and distort your overall look.

Mini bags are for you if... you're always on the go

It's been reported that shoulder bags may play a role in causing shoulder, back and neck pain due to compromised posture. It does make sense because most of us carry our handbags on just one side; the weight isn't equally spread out and puts more pressure on one shoulder. If you're someone who's always on the go and carrying around a big bag, the strain is much more prolonged. The solution? Scaling back on the size of our bags. Hello, mini handbags!

Mini bags aren't for you if... it will hinder your lifestyle

Feeling ready to cut your "what's in my bag" video in half? Hold up! Before you buy one, think about how it will affect your lifestyle first. Some people would need to carry larger bags for a variety of reasons like if you're sticking to a budget and want to carry packed lunch, you need space for gym clothes, you want to bring your own utensils and many more. 

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Channelling elegance in all of its hues, the colour blue makes a cool statement when it comes to fashion. Whether it's styled with casual denims or covetable maxis, it has a classic appeal that fits any occasion or mood. Just check out how our Clozetters make a convincing case for the hue with these stunning outfits.

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Dazzle with blue with these pieces!