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When posing for photos, we often lean towards the familiar; the same goes with our backdrops. Often, we take inspiration from typical spots where others take their snaps as we've already tried and tested the visual outcome. But don't you think it becomes even more fun and visually captivating when you try to seek out views that are atypical? Take a cue from these Clozetters who turned your not-so-usual views into amazing photography spots. 

Walking on diamonds

Girl in Diamond Beach, Iceland

(Photo from: yuniqueyuni) 

Basking in the beach

Girl in beach wearing maxi dress

(Photo from: rosedelvo) 



We're willing to bet that everyone, and we mean everyone, has striped pieces in their wardrobes. And it's not because of a cult or everyone's undying obsession with nautical vibes, but simply because it has been an un-basic basic piece that has embedded itself into fashion throughout history. That, and it's really easy to style. So, if like us, you love your stripes but are running out of fresher ways to wear 'em, take inspiration from our Clozetters who seem to can't get enough of sporting this print. 

Casual pair

girl in striped shirt and jeans

(Photo from: abbybenitez)

Summer vibes

girl in striped top and green skirt

 (Photo from: camilleinsnaps) 



Last month, Viktor & Rolf's witty, meme-able haute couture pieces took the internet by storm. Even those who are not into fashion were enthralled with the Avante Garde collection. And if imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery, then it looks like Filipino comedian Vice Ganda is the biggest fan of the fashion house. Diet Prada pointed out in their Instagram Stories that Vice Ganda's outfit, designed by Neric Beltran, for It's Showtime's beauty pageant grand finals is very similar to the Viktor & Rolf gowns presented in Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture 2019.

But that's not the last of it, Diet Prada also said that the comedian's headdress worn that same day bears a resemblance to the one Beyoncé wore during her performance at the Grammy Awards 2017. As of now, Vice Ganda hasn't responded to the allegations. Could it be a simple coincidence or a case of blatant copying? 

In the fashion world, it's a major faux pas to wear knockoffs or imitations but what's surprising is that it's not exactly illegal. Yes, copying the logo or creating an exact replica of a certain designer piece is a violation of copyright. But mere resemblance of silhouette or even design is not always enough basis for legal actions. It's still an ongoing debate but one thing is clear: imitation is very, very frowned upon in the fashion industry.

The practice of producing knockoffs may have gone unpoliced for some time but with Diet Prada now spilling the tea and airing dirty laundry, more and more brands are getting called out. For your entertainment, here are other notorious incidents of blatant copying covered by Diet Prada.

Kim Kardashian West & Fashion Nova & Mugler

Arguably the juiciest exposé out of all the recent postings is the drama involving Kim Kardashian West, Fashion Nova and a vintage Mugler dress. We all know how quick fast fashion retailers can be when it comes to making copies of dresses "inspired" by what celebrities recently wore. But Fashion Nova's speedy turnaround in creating the "Winning Beauty Cut Out Gown", a gown similar to what KKW wore just the night before Fashion Nova's version was released, raised some suspicions. It all started when model Yodit Yemane posted on her Instagram Stories the raw image files labelled "Kim Dress" with a date stamp indicating that the shoot happened days before Mrs. West wore the Mugler dress. But despite these allegations, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star maintains that she has nothing to do with it.

Jason Wu GREY & Alexander McQueen

Are we seeing double? Diet Prada remarks how alike these two pieces are. One is from Jason Wu GREY and the other is from Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection. Fans of Diet Prada or "Dieters" are divided in the comments section; some say that McQueen's is also similar to other earlier works of other designers, others say it's really copying while a few share that they'll still buy the Jason Wu GREY piece anyway because the design is good.

Givenchy & Emilia Wickstead

We all had mixed reactions about Duchess Meghan's wedding dress. Some found it boring, others say it was a classic but designer Emilia Wickstead reportedly said that it was similar to her bridal gowns. But since then, Wickstead denied the report. She told The Cut, "I do not think that her wedding dress was a copy of any of our designs." As for us, we have our opinion on the Duchess' gown. 

Maison Margiela & Vetements

Demna Gvasalia and Diet Prada may have a friendly relationship but it didn't stop the Instagram duo in calling out Vetements for producing an alleged copy of Maison Margiela's iconic Tabi boots. Unlike other cases, Diet Prada ended on a relatively good note with this particular exposé. In their Instagram caption, they said, "We're just wondering what newness Demna's version is bringing to the table other than supporting the autobiographical fanboy concept."

(Cover photo from: @viktorandrolf/@nericbeltran)