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FAVE 5: Not Your Usual View

Unique backdrops for unique snaps

When posing for photos, we often lean towards the familiar; the same goes with our backdrops. Often, we take inspiration from typical spots where others take their snaps as we've already tried and tested the visual outcome. But don't you think it becomes even more fun and visually captivating when you try to seek out views that are atypical? Take a cue from these Clozetters who turned your not-so-usual views into amazing photography spots. 

Walking on diamonds

Girl in Diamond Beach, Iceland

(Photo from: yuniqueyuni) 

Basking in the beach

Girl in beach wearing maxi dress

(Photo from: rosedelvo) 

Atop history

Girl in vietnam

(Photo from: Estherskz) 

The land of joy

Girl in disneyland florida

(Photo from: Lexiepuzon)


Girl peace sign in taiwan

(Photo from: missCHI)

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