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FAVE 5: Wow In White

Clean and pristine

When it comes to wearing white clothes, we all have our hesitations. There's the constant worry that we might spill food or smudge random dirt and ruin the whole look. If you take public transportation, the chances of getting grime on your white clothes become higher. But despite all this, we're here to convince you that sporting white ensembles is still worth it. Keep scrolling and be inspired by how the Clozette Community pulled off all-white looks. 

Fiercely fab

White Outfits

(Photo from: blackivorystyle)

Playful in polka

White Outfits

(Photo from: MandaOlivia)

Pretty pristine

White Outfits

(Photo from: maybelinesim)

Cool and chic

White Outfits

(Photo from: ysanadine)

Street style sophistication

White Outfits

(Photo from: Boardroomchic)

(Cover photo from: blackivorystyle)

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