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If you ever run out of outfit ideas, you can always opt for a white T-shirt. They're just so versatile and easy to style. From pairing it down the classic way with a pair of jeans, or transforming it into something fit for an evening occasion with a slip skirt, here are ways the Clozette Community style this staple with flair.

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And with that, the week finally comes to a close. Didn’t the days fly by so fast? That’s always the thing when you’re counting down to the holidays. But being so caught up in your excitement for the joyful season can cause distraction from the hottest happenings in the present. If you think you missed a lot on all the hottest updates, then we’re here to save your day by giving you a roundup of all the things you should know. From Meghan Markle being revealed as the most influential dresser of 2019 to the sale of Kylie Cosmetics to Coty — here are all the bites you might have missed this week.

Meghan Markle is crowned the most influential dresser of 2019

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This morning, The Duchess of Sussex went back to college! Joining students and educators at The University of Johannesburg The Duchess was able to announce a new series of gender grants from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, of which she is patron. She was also able to announce four new scholarships to help students study in different commonwealth countries, allowing cross cultural understanding and an opportunity to deepen their educational studies abroad. One of the recipients of these grants shared his story of growing up on farmland in Kenya, where he paid for his education trading vegetables to cover schooling costs (cauliflower leaves to be exact!) He is now doing a research study on carcinogens in his country, its link to cancer - his work is helping to change practices and to save lives. The Duchess was so moved by the work being done across the education sector and to talk with such like-minded thinkers about the importance of access to education and the support needed internally. When the round table discussion this morning moved to the challenges faced in this sector and how daunting it can all seem, The Duchess said, “Sometimes access to education can seem so big, you wonder where to even begin? So you begin with one student, or one school, you simply begin. And that’s when we see change.” She continued by referencing a Martin Luther King Jr quote: “Take the first step... you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Since @the_acu_official Gender Grants were launch in 2016, 28 universities in 17 countries have benefited with a minimum of 600 beneficiaries participating in workshops supported by the grants. #RoyalVisitSouthAfrica Photo ©️ PA images

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Now that the year is coming to an end, we’re all bound to reminisce all the bests and worsts of the time that has quickly gone by. And, courtesy of global fashion search platform Lyst, we finally find out once and for all who aced the world of fashion in 2019. The data have been analysed and the results are in: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is the most influential dresser of the year. Searches for similar pieces to her style increased by 216 per cent this year. Not to mention, there were all the dresses that got sold out after she wore them. Other notable figures on the top 10 list are BLACKPINK Lisa at sixth, Kylie Jenner at seventh, and Zendaya at 3rd.

Taylor Swift is now officially allowed to perform her old songs at the AMAs

This week, the months-long feud that all started when Taylor penned a Tumblr post calling out Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta’s tyrannical control of her music just got even messier. Taylor opened up on Twitter how she’s not allowed the use of her old music in a Netflix documentary and is unable to perform them at this year’s American Music Awards (AMAs). Considering she’s going to be awarded Artist of the Decade because of these past hits, it’s quite unfair, isn’t it? A lot has happened in between — lots of fans and artists came to Taylor’s defence; Big Machine Records posted a statement about Taylor owing them money and Taylor’s own PR retaliating that the record company owes her instead. Thankfully, the issue has been (partly) resolved with her old record company clarifying that she’s allowed to perform her past songs, but the issue really lies on the re-broadcasts of her AMAs performance. Taylor has yet to comment on this, but we’re sure this is far from the end of the issue.

Kylie Jenner Sold Off Majority of Kylie Cosmetics To Coty

While the entertainment industry is lit up with all this dramatic buzz, the beauty industry is hit with this major update. The supposed youngest self-made billionaire just got even richer this week with the sale of Kylie Cosmetics to Coty. The sale to the conglomerate reportedly cost a whopping USD600 million. Although the beauty mogul only sold a 51 per cent stake to the home of powerhouses like OPI, CoverGirl, and many more, Kylie and her team will still handle all creative efforts. The sale just gives her more time and energy to focus on product and brand development while Coty helps out in the company’s growth internationally through more widespread product distribution. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold is now available for pre-order in the Philippines

The release of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Taylor Swift's AMAs performance amid the Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta issue are just some of the hottest news this week.

Samsung Galaxy Fold (Photo from: samsung.com/ph)

But enough with the international news. Locally, we also have a fun update that has got everyone buzzing this week. In the Philippines, the snazzy flip phones you miss from the '00s are making a comeback with Samsung’s launch of their all-new Galaxy Fold.

Now that it’s available via pre-order through Globe and Smart until 1 December, techies in the country can be among the first to experience this breakthrough device. Unfold the future of our handheld devices with this innovation, combining the portability of flip phones with the functionality of our touch-screen smartphones. The device comes with Galaxy Buds, one year of Samsung Care+ and Samsung Concierge for heightened user experience. Keen on getting it? Find out more here.

Herschel Supply Co. officially launches at Funan

Meanwhile, those in Singapore who are still searching for perfect gifts should definitely visit the Herschel Supply Store at Funan. The brand well known for their hipster retro backpacks and travel accessories celebrated their store launch at the mall and welcomed guests to enjoy good music and even greater deals. The event also featured Herschel Supply’s cute Hello Kitty collection and their much-awaited Basquiat collection in celebration of the groundbreaking 20th-century artist. Another noteworthy find is their chic hard-shell luggage that comes in fun colours like blush ombre — perfect for the stylish traveller. So finish your gift-buying once and for all and check out their timeless products perfect for everyday use.

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The growing popularity of Lolita fashion in neighbouring Asian countries and the West is only scratching the surface when it comes to Japanese fashion subcultures. Now, we're here to explore another one that's recently causing buzz among foreign fanatics of Japan's unique take on style: Mori Kei fashion. 

Loosely translated as 'forest style' fashion, Mori Kei was started by internet user Choco (or Coco, in some iterations) in Japan around 2006 to 2007. She talked about the 'whimsy meets cosy' fashion style in social media platform Mixi, gaining 36,000 members during the trend's peak. This led to the phenomenon that we now know as the Mori Kei community. The original post contains more than 60 rules or guidelines on how to achieve not just the aesthetic but the style's corresponding lifestyle. And while the actual post cannot be accessed without creating a Mixi account, many Mori Kei patrons have reshared the full notes on various platforms. While the trend has quieted down in Japan in 2012, many patrons from other parts of the world still enjoy and practice both its aesthetic and philosophy to this day. 

Now, unlike Lolita fashion, Mori Kei is easier to achieve. In fact, it fits into some aspects of bohemian and cosy chic fashion styles. You might already have the basics of this look down pat without even knowing. Curious to know more? While we won't be diving deep into the 60 notes Choco has listed, here are the most important rules of Mori Kei fashion.

Loose and comfortable clothing is key

Listed as the first (and probably the most important rule) of Mori Kei fashion is that it's all about loose and flowy fabrics. Pieces like A-line or smock-like dresses are staples for this aesthetic, as well as cosy layers, like knits or ponchos, that are reminiscent of typical autumn fashion. This is because the forest comes alive particularly with the amazing foliage during fall, thus, the fashion getting its biggest inspiration from the season. 


Natural but with a quirk

Mori Kei is often compared to Natural Kei (prairie-like aesthetic) as they share some similarities. However, Mori Kei is elevated in a way that it wins on the details. Mori Kei girls love trinkets and details that are quirky but subtle, like accessorising with mushroom earrings or wearing a piece with an embroidered woodland creature accent — anything that reminds you of relaxing walks in the forest. Mori Kei also encourages to simply follow your natural style, all while channelling a whimsical appeal with your chosen outfit details. Flashy is definitely not the way to describe this style. 

It's all about earth tones

As mentioned previously, Mori Kei fashion is quite similar to the typical autumnal style. Therefore, keeping in mind colours that often pop up during this season is one way to achieve the perfect Mori Kei colour story. To be more specific, Choco listed "Bordeaux (burgundy), dark green, dark blue, and brown" as the ideal colour palette for Mori Kei style. But as the style evolved, many patrons started incorporating muted pastels into some of the looks' interpretations.  

'Soft beauty' also plays into the style

Fashion and beauty often come hand-in-hand and it's the same with Mori Kei. But while how Lolita fashion banks on a doll-like appearance, Mori Kei is the complete opposite. It encourages subtle beauty looks that require little to no makeup, often complementing its fashion with just-bitten lips and softly flushed cheeks. As for hairstyles, natural-looking curls, wispy fringes, a low-hanging ponytail or a messy bun are some of its common options.

Prefers gold over silver jewellery

The general rule when it comes to picking between gold and silver jewellery is studying your skintone. But for Mori Kei girls, gold is the default in this aesthetic. While there's no other explanation in Choco's list as to why it is so, we'll take a wild guess to say that it has something to do with Mori Kei more into vintage and timeless pieces. Plus, gold also depicts a more rustic appeal than silver and falls into the idea of warmness surrounding the Mori Kei style. 

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