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Massimo Dutti approaches summer with the breeze, the warmth of the sun, and the sea. Their Spring/Summer collection is envisioned as inspiring mornings and intimate evenings dressed in a relaxed demeanour-- full of light garments, new volumes, and an endless colour palette.

The Women's Collection is inspired by the beaches of the world such those in Greece to the Caribbean, and up to ancient Egypt. It speaks to the urban, sophisticated yet effortless woman--a city dweller, practical, elegant, and contemporary woman that believes in her style and knows what she wants. 

The collection is a mixtures of blues, earthy colours, warm yellows, ochres, neutrals, and whites. There are occasional appearances of coral, green khaki, and shades of mint green. The fabric used were linen in safari jackets and bee or Aran knit in cotton sweaters. While chambray and dark denim remain a favourite for shirts, dresses and trousers. 

Massimo Dutti's latest collection seems to be the type that doesn't need much accessories for it to look good because it already stands out on its own. It manages to be a personal affair, styling the pieces together with a touch of the latest fashion trends set on international catwalks.

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The K-fever is continuously rising around the region, bringing with it an array of ever-changing trends each season. While their constant evolution does catch us by surprise, we are still forever grateful for their creative, innovative and fresh ideas that keep us excited about K-beauty and K-fashion.

So we're putting the spotlight on a few K-brands in anticipation for their new releases!



If you are familiar with K-pop bands like Big Bang, Winner and 2NE1, then you’ve definitely heard of YG Entertainment. Late last year, they expanded their profile with their new makeup line Moonshot and their fashion line NONA9ON. If you have not heard of these brands, YG/ NONA9ON has recently released their 2015 F/W concept video featuring members B.I and Bobby from their new boy group iKON. 

( Photo from: NONA9ON Check out the video here )

If you are all about the YG High-fashion-Hip-Hop style, be sure to check out their pop-up stores in Milan, Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can get the items online here


Moonshot definitely shouts “YG!” with their fun, loud, and quirky colours. Moonshot’s colourful colours are inspired by Apollo 11’s successful landing on the moon in 1969--intended for big dreamers who want to stand out. Their Power Duo collection boasts bold and funky colours, unlike those of other brands in Korea who favour muted tones. Some of their best selling products include the almost always sold out Color Moonwalk Cream Paint in No.104, Pink Punch. This product has a creamy texture and dries relatively matte. 

( Photo from Moonshot )

Another must-try item is their Flawless Face Perfection Balm which consists of 6 different shades for various skin tones. The smooth balm/mousse foundation contains essential oil and shea butter giving a long lasting smooth complexion. Here's a tip! Get 2 of these, one in your skin tone and one a shade about 3 tones darker to execute a natural shading effect.


Set up in Seoul by founder Ha HyeongSuk, Memebox opened Koreans to the concept of receiving beauty goodies for a fraction of their original prices. Memebox constantly collaborates with beauty bloggers in Korea, such as Pony, Yeondukong, Soyoung, Kyungsun and Kim Dayeong. These collaborations allowed the beauty bloggers to participate in creating their own line, based on the kind of makeup they like and featuring their own unique style. 

(photo from memebox)

Their most recent collaboration was with American YouTuber Soothingsista, Stephanie Villa. It was Memebox’s first move to bridge the gap between American and Asian cosmetics. Stephanie’s #eyelove SF eyeshadow quad, made up of neutral rosy shades, shows her love for versatile makeup and her love for San Francisco. 

(photo from memebox)

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Range

Carbonated water has been a big trend in Korea in the last few years. As such, using carbonated water for cleansing has also became a trend as it claims to help reduce blackheads and acne. The carbon dioxide in the water also aids in whitening for flawless skin.

( photo from innisfree )

Tapping on this trend, Innisfree has recently released their new Jeju Sparkling Mineral range, with the essence heading the line. The Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence contains 73.6% of mineral water of Mt. Sanbang in Jeju, carbonated with the Micro Sparkling Technology. The product is said to improve the skin texture and elasticity, provide long lasting hydration, and brighten and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. 



Setting out once again to revolutionize the stage for Philippine fashion, the bi-annual Manila Fashion Festival is back after a successful first run with a line-up of emerging and established Filipino designers who are looking to bring the focus back on creativity, innovation, and world-class production.

In the hands of Art Personas--a one-stop production house that connects artists and customers with talents--Manila Fashion Festival will run from the 19th to the 22nd of March 2015 with twenty-five Filipino designers and Art Personas' in-house label, ARIN, ready to display their Fall/Winter 2015 collections.

We got to take a peek at the collections and here are the designers we're excited to watch!


Bea Samson

Bea Samson brings a heavenly experience to the runway with a comfortable, warm, and stylish F/W 2015 collection entitled High, High. Inspired by aviation and space exploration, this collection features an out-of-this world mix of ovoid and fitted shapes, greys and black blended with silver and blue, and select fabrics like metallic mesh, wool, and faux fur.

Banggo Niu

Bringing an intense fresh look to the runway, Banggo Niu's F/W 2015 collection Je Veux Te Voir is bold, quirky, and playful. Inspired by upbeat music and prints, the collection's polka dots and stripes give it a modern, yet classic motif while reinventing timeless silhouettes with its intriguing textures, prints, and treatments.


Art Personas' in-house fashion label, ARIN, presents a collection that embodies rawness and edge to bring a vibrant energy to the runway. Casual and comfortable, their F/W 2015 collection entitled Pretty Vacant, is inspired by the diverse era of the punk movement, with sporty and boyish silhouettes mixed with a fascinating palette--perfect for those looking for a dynamic edge.

John Herrera

John Herrera's F/W 2015 collection Amphibia offers versatility through the use of neoprene fabric perfectly suited for unpredictable weather. Complementing the fabric with gazaar silk and enthralling laser-cut scale techniques, John Herrera is ready to bring dramatic fashion evolution to the runway with this captivating collection rooted in technique and versatility.

Esme Palaganas

For her F/W 2015 collection, Esme Palaganas brings an entrancingly soulful tone to the runway with A Letter To Jane. It's a collection that amplifies romanticism and rebellion as inspired by the gripping literary works of Jane Austen. It is dark and heavy, yet highly passionate with a touch of regency and the Belle Époque era.

Pablo Cabahug

Bringing a jazzed sophistication to the runway, Pablo Cabahug's F/W 2015 collection evolves around spunk and class. Inspired by sporty silhouettes, Sporty Luxe features shapes and silhouettes that embody luxury and freshness, with pieces that are casual yet snazzy and perfect for the night.

Manila Fashion Festival runs from 19-22nd March, 2015
6pm onwards at The Eye, 4th floor Green Sun. Magallanes, Makati.

Full Festival Schedule

March 19
Jerome Salaya-Ang, Happy Andrada, YAY, John Herrera, Jot Losa, Renan Pacson

March 20
Anthony Ramirez, Charina Sarte, Chris Diaz, Veejay Floresca, Odelon Simpao, Michael Leyva

March 21
Rhett Eala, Cheetah Rivera, ARIN, Pablo Cabahug, Mark Bumgarner

March 22 (Afternoon show)
Banggo Niu, Esme Palaganas, Tony Evan, Bea Samson

March 22 (Evening show)
Mark Tamayo, Sassa Jimenez, Ziggy Savella, Vania Romoff, Jaz Cerezo

Visit manilafashionfestival.com for more details