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Malaysian Female Tattoo Artists For Your First Ink

Tat's the way to go

Tattoos have had a bad name for years. It's often associated with gang activities and people of ill-repute, despite being a traditional art form in many cultures around the world. The year is 2019, and it’s time to embrace tattoos for what they truly are: art. If you're all for embracing ink and looking to have one soon, check out these incredible Malaysian women tattooing their way through a predominantly male industry and absolutely killing the game.


Originally apprenticed to veteran tattoo artist Simon David, Carrelyn has become a full-fledged artist in her own right. She has a beautiful hybrid style that's between traditional tattooing and a more updated look with finer lines and detailing, in both blacks and colour. Visit her at Electric Dreams Collective at Gasket Alley if you’re looking for a vibrant piece to start your journey.

Tattoos by Reen

You’d never believe it if Reen told you she was a mother of two when you first laid eyes on her. This petite artist hails from Sabah and runs Deadlights Tattoo with her husband, who is an accomplished tattoo artist himself. Reen specialises in intricate organic shapes consisting of flora and fauna, with a healthy mix of mandalas and other patterns, creating mesmerising art you’d be proud to wear forever.

Mae Oh

If you’re in the market for fine line botanical tattoos, Mae is the one to go to. Despite her easily recognisable style, each one of her tattoos is unique, from the placement to arrangement to shading. Her feminine style has attracted a large female following, and for good reason. If you want a tattoo that will stand the test of time as both a statement piece and a work of art, head to Mae's shop.

Mudan Ink

With a background in art, design, and illustration, Pocotee branched out into tattoos nearly two years ago with her distinctive style of tattooing that highlights flowy lines and accents that remind us of Chinese brush strokes, along with a watercolour element to tie the design together. While her designs are packed with linework, she also creates smaller minimalist tattoos upon request.

Sanmao Studio

Focusing on an illustrative, minimal style with clean lines, the ladies of Sanmao Studio practice the traditional art of hand-poked tattoos to create simple, gorgeous designs that will remain in style for years to come. Whether you choose to go for a simple line art tattoo or a more complex creation, the results are guaranteed to be a delight.

(Cover photo from: @sanmao_yimin)

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