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Rihanna continues to break down barriers with her recent campaign for Fenty Fashion. As she dropped her first-ever collection online, fans were quick to notice how the singer continues the fight for body-positivity and inclusivity. On the cover of the Fenty’s fashion jewellery section, you’d see Sudanese model Aweng Mayen Chuol with her facial scars untouched by Photoshop. It’s another huge step for the acceptance of unedited beauty, a revolutionary movement in a world where flawlessly perfect looks are perceived as beautiful.

A model with facial scars poses for an unedited beauty campaign

(Photo from: fenty.com)

Towards unedited beauty

Besides Fenty, other fashion and beauty brands have already attempted to normalise what’s real. Back in 2014, lingerie brand Aerie made the commitment to feature only unretouched photos. Aside from that, they featured the most inclusive line-up of models and ambassadors. #AerieREAL casted women of all sizes and colour, as well as those with various medical conditions and different abilities. Other than that, there’s Gucci, which, just this last May, became the first major luxury brand to do an unedited beauty campaign. Their ‘80s-themed lipstick campaign featuring close-ups of crooked teeth made imperfections a part of beauty. These game-changing moves were applauded because they inspired empowerment in diversity.  

Photoshopping standards

Still, most models and celebrities usually featured in fashion and beauty campaigns fit the conventional idea of beauty — but that doesn’t mean they’re already safe from digital retouches. Most of the time, their photos are still heavily edited to push their perfection to be ridiculously unattainable. Seeing this almost every day creates unrealistic beauty standards for all — so much so that even these celebrities feel compelled to edit photos they upload on their personal Instagram accounts. And for the people whose feeds are filled with them? Well, they’re forced to yearn for this unattainable beauty too. We’re used to seeing this inhuman perfection that we become unsettled when we see real bodies instead.

Inclusivity rules

Everyone can agree that edited beauty puts so much pressure on everyone. The unattainable body standards they impose breeds insecurity in all. It seems as if you’re not beautiful if you aren’t tall and slim with smooth, light skin. This toxic cycle is exactly why unedited beauty initiatives like Fenty’s are a huge deal for us. Everyone is born different, so beauty shouldn’t look the same as well. Normalisation of real bodies is important so we could be more accepting towards ourselves.

With big brands like Rihanna’s Fenty, Gucci, and Aerie paving the way for unedited beauty, hopefully other brands will follow suit. Imperfections exist in all — we have no other choice but to embrace them.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that soon, a model with untouched scars is no longer news, but the norm. 

(Cover photo from: fenty.com)

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(Cover photo from: @espoir_makeup/@rafra_official)



Hello, Friday! Another week went by so fast that there's just not enough time to catch up on the juiciest news there is. So from Sephora closing down their stores in the U.S. to Kylie Jenner teasing another addition to her controversial skincare line, we spill this week's hottest news in today's Insider Roundup for you to enjoy. 

Sephora stores closed in the U.S.... for an hour

Okay, okay! We know that the headline made your heart skip a beat for a moment. But no worries as Sephora only closed down all their U.S. stores last Wednesday for a mere hour to conduct a diversity training. The beauty retailer was in hot water recently when singer-songwriter SZA tweeted about an incident aligned to racial profiling in one Sephora store.

The store claimed that they already had planned on conducting the diversity training weeks prior to the incident but some people are not buying it. We can only hope that as wide as the range of beauty picks in Sephora counters are, that's also how they'll be more inclusive with their customers moving forward. 

Naturally Serious arrives in Singapore

Insider Roundup: Naturally Serious arrives in Singapore

The skincare brand that prides itself for being clean, ethically made, and with no B.A.D. (Banned. Ambiguous. Debatable.) ingredients in their formulations arrives in Singapore and promises to — as their name suggests — take your skin seriously. With products that offer a unique anti-pollution blend of six antioxidants, if anti-ageing and skin protection is up your alley (as it should be for everyone) then this arrival is definitely good news for you.

Paris Hilton and K-beauty?

After announcing her beauty brand ProD.N.A. a couple of months ago, Paris Hilton decided to take it to the big leagues — in terms of today's beauty scene — and launch it in South Korea. Paris claims that she finds the K-beauty market unique given their love for multi-step skincare and claims that she's already looking at its success. The brand aims to strengthen its range of anti-ageing and whitening products, which proved to be controversial in the Asian market recently, but it looks like Ms. PH isn't backing down with her vision. 

Kylie Skin is adding sunscreen to their line

It looks like even after the complaints about her skincare line, Kylie Jenner is still pursuing new Kylie Skin launches. In her recent Day In The Life video on YouTube, Kylie teased that sunscreen is making its way into her range of products. While deets about the product are still Klassified, people are already hoping no walnuts are involved in the making of this one. 

Zilingo x Disney is coming

Insider Roundup: Zilingo X Disney

Fashion portal Zilingo teams up with The Walt Disney Company to release at least 20 collections, with up to 300 products, that will serve up geeky style to the next level. Featuring pieces on Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar, we can expect a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, leggings and joggers to cater to our Disney-loving desires. 

(Cover photo from: @sc)

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