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It's that time of the year again where we leave our handbags behind and put our backpacks to work. Backpacks may not be the most fashionable bag for your style, but they have certainly evolved to more wearable and chic designs that go well with any outfit. There's literally tons in the market for each style.

So whether you're classy or sporty, here are 5 ways to style your backpack! 



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If you find yourself leaning towards the neutrals and classy pieces, then you're a girl with a timeless style. For school, match it with a bucket type or tote backpack so you can safely bring your school essentials in style without showing the bulkiness of your bag. Try canvas or leather material for a sophisticated touch. 


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Comfort is your best friend, that's why you're more into sneakers and slip-ons rather than heels and sandals. You've got that sporty trend going on! Complete that look with a backpack from one of your favourite sports brands or opt for those classic backpack brands for a bigger and sturdier bag for your school stuff.


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You go for black--always. But it's more than just the usual monochrome look because you like it better if it's studded, made of leather, and has that cool, rebel vibe. The right backpack for you is exactly all those things but instead of wearing it, you're carrying it. Your bag is an addition to your statement, and you carry it so well. 


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You live for floral prints, pastels, soft fabrics, and sundresses. A backpack may not be the right bag for your dress, but it can work! You just have to find the right print and colour. Since you're aiming for something you can use all-year round, find a colour that complements your wardrobe and opt for either stripes, polka dots, or florals. 


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You're the kind of fashionista who's not of your time because you like all the things your mom wears that's basically from the 70's or 80's. You like satchels, loafers, big glasses, and don't mind if people call you hipster. Extend your vintage love at school and take a trip to the flea market or to underrated leather stores to find that perfect backpack for you. It should be structured enough to fit all your school stuff and plus points if it has that aged leather smell too!



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If you must buy a sneaker to rock a statement sporty look, then a pair of adidas Superstar will do the trick. The iconic Superstar never fails--you can wear it with a casual outfit, an edgy outfit, and even a semi-formal outfit if you style it with the right pieces. 

After the success of Supercolor, a concept that captured the attention of the world, Pharrell Williams returns with Supershell. And this one's bound to make one hell of a difference in the sneaker world. 

Here are 5 reasons why you must have a pair (or two) of this Supershell design.


It's not just a shoe, it's a work of art.

Artwork by MR. ©MR./Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

The new chapter of the Superstar presents a design that everyone can't help but rave about. With the help of artists from all over the globe, the Superstar transitions to Supershell with the signature graphic artwork featured on the shelltoe of the shoe. Getting one is like getting a piece of artists such as NYC contemporary artist Todd James, American photographer-director Cass Bird, and contemporary Japanese artist MR., right at the comfort of your feet. The artists’ designs are then joined by six of Pharrell’s very own artworks that explore life force and energy and its relationship with colour.

It makes basic--great

(Supershell Artwork Collection)

Your monochrome outfits need not be boring because the Supershell design adds not just a pop of colour, but a pop of art. The footwear is offered in black and white, allowing the vibrant artworks to take centre stage. It turns any basic look to something great. 

You can mix and match

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The Supershell allows its wearer to "customize" each pair. Since each left and right shoe features a different graphic treatment, the collection can be mixed and matched endlessly. Yes, they are completely interchangeable and the creative possibilities are endless and exciting. 

It's a walking sculpture

Who knew that sculptures can take place in shoes? The sculpted collection is where the artists were able to channel their artworks into specially-molded 3D Shelltoe designs--a first for the Superstar silhouette. The collection is completed by two of Pharrell’s own personal designs, which speak of his interest in the concept of relativity and form. 

It makes you feel like a #superstar

(photo from iamaly)

This design is definitely the type that makes you feel like you're dressed to the nines, even if it may "just" be a sneaker. It is a shoe that spans art and culture to a platform for expression itself. It brings out the Superstar in you as it carries with it a signature Adidas style of ultimate artistic-and-sporty aesthetic. 



The hit fashion makeover show from the U.S. has made its way to Asia as How Do I Look? Asia makes its debut on Monday, 31 August on DIVA TV. Hosted by Malaysian celebrity and style icon, Sazzy Falak, get ready to elevate your styling game to the next level with eight dramatic episodes of style transformations featuring fashion-challenged victims from around the region.

After a long-running 12 seasons in the U.S., How Do I Look is coming closer to home to give our Asian ladies some handy style tips. We can’t wait to see the show’s iconic “Eww Tube” – a vacuum cleaner-like machine that sucks offending outfits out of sight – in action!

Also, don’t forget to look out for the Fashion Connection challenge featured each week on the show. All you have to do is snap and upload a picture of yourself based on the weekly theme, use the hashtags #HDILasia, #Clozette and #TryAnotherLook, and stand a chance to win vouchers and be featured on the show! 

As Clozette is the Official Fashion Social Network of the series, we got the exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal with Sazzy Falak and Jeannie Mai (the host of the original U.S. series) when they were in Singapore last weekend. Singapore was the stylish duo’s first stop to promote the series before moving on to Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City.

The bubbly duo were a ball of energy even after an afternoon of interviews. We chatted with them about their top tips for great skin (H20! So Clozetters, drink up!), ultimate fashion faux-pas (“feathers, lots of feathers,” said Sazzy), and how they feel about the show (“love yourself first, and others will love you,” said Jeannie). 

As part of the media tour, the public also got a chance to meet Sazzy and Jeannie at Orchard Central in Singapore. Over 20 of our Clozette Ambassadors graced the HDIL Asia Launch Event and were treated to a line-up of fun activities, including an instant fashion fix booth, a DIVA TV photobooth, and a makeup demo presented by our very own Clozette Ambassador, Vinna, who showed the crowd how to achieve day-to-night makeup looks on two of our Ambassadors, Ena and June

Sazzy and Jeannie then took to the stage to talk about the show and left us with a powerful message on what How Do I Look is all about: empowerment. Everything--from the way you dress to the way you carry yourself--starts and ends with confidence. We couldn't agree more.

The eventful weekend ended with a shot of the Clozette family and the two hosts. Now--how do WE look?

Catch the debut of How Do I Look? Asia

on Monday, 31 August at 8PM (SIN/MAL) 

on DIVA Channel (Singtel TV Channel 303 and Starhub TV Channel 513), NBCUniversal