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Beautiful skin is often associated with glowing, radiant looking skin. However majority of Asian women desire more than that. Women also want a tight-looking or firm skin because it makes them look youthful. However, it is difficult for women to attain that desire as there’s no body care available in the market that can provide both whitening and firming benefits simultaneously.

With that said, leading international skincare brand Nivea has taken a new approach to body care by combining the Vitamin C of 95% purity formula and Q10 into its products. This product is the first of its kind in Malaysia as it offers dual functionality; whitening and firming benefits in a single application. 

The new range repairs dull and uneven skin from sun exposure while providing anti-wrinkling, anti-oxidation, and boosting cell energy benefits to give a tight looking, firmer skin. By combining both key ingredients in the formulation, skin becomes fair and firm after regular application. 

The Nivea Whitening and Firming range is available at all pharmacies, hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and selected convenience outlets across Malaysia.They have also launched these new products alongside the "Flaunt it. Fair and Firm" campaign which aims to help women to realize that it’s not what you wear that matters, the most important fashion and beauty statement you can make is to have fair and firm skin. 

The Nivea Whitening and Firming Range is available in 3 categories: Whitening & Firming Lotion, price starts from RM10.50, Whitening & Firming Serum, price starts from RM9.50, and  Whitening & Firming Cream, price starts from RM12.90


(cover photo from: KBS World TV Official Webpage)

There are so many programs out there that provide tips, lessons, and valuable information on the latest trends in beauty, fashion, etc. For Clozetters who are interested in K-beauty or K-fashion tips but don’t want to scour the web for subtitles to a Korean beauty program, here are some recommendations for you to solve that problem!

This list of programs are great sources for the latest K-trends and special beauty, fashion, and lifestyle knowledge-- bringing you pieces of Korea right in front of your eyes. This list is non-exhaustive, there are many other great programs airing in Korea, but these are the best and most convenient for international viewers! 


Sweet 20s 달콤청춘 / insiteTV

(Photo source: 달콤청춘video teaser on YouTube)

Sweet 20s is a web beauty drama that shares quick and useful beauty tips for different occasions and situations. It features various Innisfree products through their female lead Yooha (Hwang Seung-eon) sharing her own know-hows in various circumstances of this 10-episode drama of youthful love. Each episode is  short, which leaves you wanting for more. The useful quick tips for everyday makeup can be easily picked up, and because of the storyline, it makes tips easier to remember. 

Beside Sweet 20s, insiteTV also has a bunch of other amazing content, such as TASTEmakers (style classes for men), Girls’ Wiki (makeup tips from k-pop girl group Rainbow members), Kim Nayoung’s 10,000 Like (Fashionista Kim Nayoung’s styling tips) and many, many more. Their content revolves around lifestyle, fashion and beauty and it is also the channel power beauty vlogger Pony started out with!

Beauty Bible 2015 S/S뷰티바이블/ KBS World

(Photo source: KBS World TV Official Webpage)

Beauty Bible 2015 uses the concept of beauty editorials where the hosts play as beauty editors coming out with different themes for each episode's editorial content . It is generated through the beauty editors experiencing it themselves from various professionals in the industry such as makeup artists, stylists, health trainers, and even actual editors. For this season, 5 different segments will make up the program focusing on the hottest beauty, hair, makeup items, and trends. It will also have a special addition of global correspondents to compare and report on the trends globally. 

This May, Beauty Bible 2015 has started out with their new hosts ZE:A’s Kwanghee, Secret’s Hyosung and model Kang Seung-hyun with broadcasts on the KBS World TV YouTube page. You can catch up on the previous season (2014 F/W) with the After School hosts on their page!

K Style/ Mnet

(Photosource: KStyleTV YouTube Page)

Although Season 3 has already ended in March, we can expect K Style to be coming back with a new season soon! For now, we can look back on what was featured in the 9 episodes of Season 3! 

Season 3 is split into three each hosted by Mirene (Miss A’s Min and model Irene) Sarah, and Alberto. Mirene covers interesting beauty and style-related things that you can do with your BFF in Korea. Sarah covers the trends of beauty and style while Alberto introduces Korean cultural experience outside of Seoul. K Style does not only feature beauty and style topics, but also covers K-pop, Korean culture, food, and travel tips. 

You can catch episodes of the whole season and previous seasons on Mnet America’s official page or KStyleTV’s YouTube page

Get It Beauty 2015/ Channel M

(photo from Soompi TV website)

When talking about beauty programs in Korea, Get it beauty is definitely one of the top programs. For those who are subscribed to Channel M on your cable television network, you'd know that this beauty show is a must-watch!

Covering different topics every week, the program introduces products and shares makeup and beauty tips. Get it Beauty is also a beauty trend leader where its featured products can determine the beauty trends and sales in Korea. For example, the Guérisson Horse Oil Cream featured on the first episode of this season is one of Korea’s best-selling products now. It also started the trend for Donkey Milk cream and creams alike.  

This season, it is hosted by former Miss Korea Honey Lee (이하늬), Soyu (소유) from Sistar, and Kim Jung Min (김정민). The trio’s excellent chemistry makes the show even more interesting.  Channel M airs this show every Saturday at 11pm (GMT +8). 



Beyond a woman’s beauty and fashion inclination rests this drive to carve a name for herself all on her own, creating a legacy that goes beyond just being a pretty face admired by most. As inspired by the world-class achievements of many Filipinas like Monique Lhuillier, Anne Curtis-Smith, Danica Magpantay, Lea Salonga, and lately Xyza Cruz Bacani, we’ve joined Cream Silk to pay tribute to the qualities that have truly made these women world-class.

From their achievements in fashion, beauty, theatre, and the arts, these women are not just pretty faces gracing the covers of magazines and features, but instead are also inspiring a new breed of women to follow in their footsteps to be confident, limitless, and unstoppable.

So to inspire you to achieve limitless possibilities as you make your own way into the world, here are 5 traits world-class Filipinas have in common.


Have A Vision

No matter what your goals are in life or what you aim to do in the future, you should always have a vision--whether it be something for the long-term or just for a few months down the road. If you love fashion design, you’re at least ten steps ahead of others by already setting your sights on building a fashion empire lauded the world over. Channel your inner Monique Lhuillier on your way to building an internationally recognized fashion house that dresses some of the world’s top celebrities.
Play To Your Strengths

Take time to discover what you are really good at. You may experience a few hits-and-misses along the way but you will eventually find that one thing that will make you feel like that is what you’re supposed to do. And onceyou’ve found it, start taking the necessary steps to hone your talent. Much like how Lea Salonga knew early on in life that she wanted to sing and took the time to truly hone her craft. Strive to be a little Lea Salonga in the making!

Never Give Up

Live by the life motto: “You never know until you try!” Live life with the attitude that it’s all about embracing risks and going out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals. Want to try your hand at modelling? Take the chance and try out for a number of modelling competitions, looking up to the likes of Supermodel Danica Magpantay who made it big after trying out for Ford Supermodel of the World International.

Go Beyond Your Limits

Even if you feel like you’ve already achieved a lot in your life, know that there will always be much more in life if your continuously go beyond your limits. Need an inspiration story? Look at actress, Anne Curtis, who has already carved out a lucrative career for herself in the entertainment industry in the Philippines. But instead of resting on her laurels, she set her sights on the international industry, eventually landing a leading role in “Blood Ransom,” an American indie film.

Think Outside The Box

Never settle for a dead-end job because no matter where you may be in life, you can always do more. All you have to do is think outside of the box. Life is all about the bigger picture. Know that your job is just one facet of your life and that there are so many other ways to fill your life with colour. Much like how Xyza Cruz Bacani, a domestic worker in HK who impressed the world with her photography. She has now just received a scholarship to study photography in New York City. Pretty cool for something that started out as just a hobby done after work.

So Clozetters, it's time to dream big like your favourite World-Class Filipinas! Choose the No. 1 conditioner in the Philippines for soft, smooth and manageable hair that gives you the confidence you need to conquer the world stage, because nothing conditions like Cream Silk.