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Flower Crowns And Weddings

Traditional Headpieces For Graceful Perfection!

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If you are planning to vamp up your wedding hairstyle, flower crowns are the best to give a natural beauty effect! It’s graceful and accompanied with a sense of natural beauty that makes it stand alone as a sole accessory.

Check out this series of flower crowns styles that you can rock during the Spring/Summer wedding season. They’re all so pretty, it’s going to be hard to choose!


Veil and flower crowns

Veil and flower crowns can be unexpectedly nice when matched together! A lot of us might think that the veil and the flower crown wouldn’t be a nice match, but this thought is going to change as you don’t have to choose between a flower crown and a veil. They work so beautifully together! Loose delicate petals cascaded into the wedding veil, providing an effortless look while presenting a romantic touch to the bride’s whole look.


Tahitian-style flower crowns represent a tropical look by using large flowers. The colours of the flowers chosen can be as bright as possible, which can strengthen the sunshine effect and create a fantasy Hawaiian Islands scenery. This is an awesome choice for seaside wedding as well as island wedding.


Rustic/Bohemian-style flower crowns provide a natural look with greenery and small flowers or just flowers placed throughout the hair. A great choice for green lovers when there are no green coloured flowers available. It provides a fresh and lively look where the flowers will always be growing lively with some greenery.


Antique-style flower crowns are presented in bejewelled forms with minimal flowers. This is type of flower crown provides a shining effect and it is designed for girls who like a bit of bling. The elegance and daintiness of this flower crown could be perfectly shown at your wedding ceremony.

Wild Flowers

This vibrant arrangement of wild flowers is suitable for a warm-weather weddings. Mix an array of flowers as you like for a wild-child effect. It could be so amazing provided that the mixing of colours match.

Rear Flower Crown

The rear flower crown captures all the attention from the back, leaving a lasting impression during the bride’s exit. This is pleasing to the eyes for guests who are standing at behind of the bride. Minimal yet beautiful.


A gorgeous wreath adorning the bride’s loose side swept braid is just a wonderful accessory for braid lovers. It is suitable for pairing with a simple scooped neck dress.

Red Flower Crown

Wavy dark hair also could look rather bold with a statement-making red flower crown for an ethereal vibe.

Flowers, Berries, etc.

Why stick to flowers only? This gorgeous flower crown is created by Anli Wahl Flowers and it features miniature citruses, berries, and tiny pomegranates! We love the way it looks, even the stems add an architectural interest to this unique design.

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Which flower crown would you want to wear? Let us know in the comments below!