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Contrary to its name, forest bathing has nothing to do with “showering” or “cleaning” although many who have tried it will attest to its “soul-cleansing” benefits. Known as shin-rin-yoku in Japanese, forest bathing is the mindfulness practice of immersing oneself in a forest setting, soaking in the therapeutic effects of being out in nature. Although it started in Japan, forest bathing has now gained popularity around the world, with forest bathing societies in countries such as the US and Sweden. 

So, what are some of the benefits of forest bathing?

It reconnects you with your senses  

Bamboo forest in Kyoto

Many of us city-dwellers are constantly on the move and hyper-connected to our devices. Most of us hardly have time to notice, let alone appreciate, our environment. Being out in nature, with our mobile phones switched off, we are forced to slow down and breathe more deeply — to notice the sights, sounds and scents around us. 

You get to rediscover a sense of child-like wonder

Forest in Suzaka, Japan

Typically, a forest bathing trip in Japan is led by a guide who takes you through various stations within the forest, where you might be encouraged to try different exercises such as closing your eyes and listening to the babbling of a nearby brook or simply lie on a mat, take deep breaths and stare at the sky overhead. For the uninitiated, it may sound dotty but the tangible benefits are undeniable.

It improves physical well-being

Woman surrounded by nature

According to a 2018 study published in the journal Environmental Research, people who spend more time in green spaces have significantly reduced risks for chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. These people also had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. 

It improves mental health

Stairs surrounded by nature in Kyoto

With our fast-paced lifestyles and pressure-cooker environments, it’s no surprise that the stress of urban living often leads to burnout, anxiety and depression. While by no means a cure-all, forest bathing can help alleviate some of the symptoms of stress, clear your mind, and elevate you into a more peaceful and balanced state of being.

It’s a fun and unique way of travel

Hiking in a forest is one way to practice forest bathing in Japan

In Japan alone, there are 62 forests that serve as “forest therapy bases”. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, you can slowly make your way around the different prefectures, exploring the various green spaces and discovering a less-known side of the region. For Studio Ghibli fans, there’s an added advantage to forest bathing as you get to immerse yourself in the environments that inspired your favourite Ghibli films. For example, the verdant, moss-covered Yakushima National Park in Kyushu is said to be the inspiration behind the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke. The bucolic Sayama Hills, located about an hour from Ikebukuro in Tokyo, is said to be the setting for My Neighbour Totoro

(Moss Forest in the Rain - Yakushima National Park by japanairlinesjp)

Here are a couple of parks you can visit: 

Yakushima National Park

Yakushima Town, Kumage County, Kagoshima Prefecture, 891-4408

Sayama Hills

3-17-19 Tamakocho, Higashimurayama, Tokyo 189-0026

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We've got only 51 days to go till we ring in the new decade! Not so thrilled? We feel you. Starting a new era can surely stir a mix of emotions in us, but the good news is there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to. For one, the theme for next year's Met Gala may be the most relatable yet and we're already excited to see how it will pan out. There's also the release of anticipated movies like Mulan, Black Widow and A Quiet Place II. Keep reading to know more about what to expect in the coming days.

Met Gala 2020 theme is very 'timely'

There's no doubt that this year's Met Gala Theme — Camp: Notes on Fashion — is an experimental and futuristic one. However, for next year (which marks the 150th anniversary of the museum), it's gonna be the opposite. Called "About Time: Fashion and Duration", it will be about looking back and celebrating the evolution of fashion and the style trends from the past 150 years. With throwback looks still very much in vogue, we're sure this one will give us major fashion inspiration. 

Takashimaya x Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design

Takashimaya Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design

Getting ready for the gifting season? Check out Takashimaya's collab with Temasek Polytechnic's School of Design for festive gift wrap options. Third-year students from the institution were invited to design the shopping mall's Christmas packaging for 2019. To showcase the creative designs, there will be an upcoming exhibition that will be situated at the atrium of Takashimaya Shopping Centre. It will remain open to the public until 21 November. Follow their Instagram account for updates.

G-DRAGON's Nike Air Force 1 "Para-noise" is about to launch

G-DRAGON Nike Air Force 1 Para-noise

Sneakerheads, rejoice! G-DRAGON's hotly-anticipated Nike Air Force 1 "Para-noise" sneaker is about to be launched. With an upper fabrication that features a black painted overlay designed to slowly wear away over time to reveal a personal artwork created by the hip-hop icon, this pair is really a unique gem that will add value to your shoe collection. Exact details of the launch are yet to be released, but what we do know is that in Singapore it will be available via an online raffle at Dover Street Market

adidas x MISSONI

For quite some time now, luxury brands have been dipping their toes in streetwear territory and it looks like the trend is going strong. Sportswear label adidas has been making some major advances in this fashion category. Following the success of their limited-edition line of Ultraboosts, adidas has partnered with MISSONI to give their Pulseboost a space-dyed makeover that will feature the Italian fashion house's iconic pattern. Aside from that, adidas is also rumoured to have another luxury sneaker collab next month with Prada. How exciting, right?

L’Oréal is developing paper bottle packaging

The race for sustainable packaging has officially begun. Leading cosmetics company L’Oréal 
— alongside Carlsberg, Absolut and Coca-Cola — gets a headstart by partnering with PaBoCo (The Paper Bottle Company) to accelerate its paper-based packaging innovations. Right now, all eyes are on the first carton-based cosmetic tube, which is made with a bio-based certified paper-like material that can harmlessly degrade if accidentally put in nature. The first development is underway with a target launch date in 2021. Any thoughts?

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