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Forever 21 Closing Soon? Here's Where To Shop Next

The fashion chain is said to be filing for bankruptcy

Last week, fashion enthusiasts all over the world were shocked by the news that Forever 21 may be filing for bankruptcy soon. Established in 1984, the brand has been one of the biggest names in fast-fashion for most of its run, with 600 stores in the U.S. alone. On the flip side, it also had its share of controversies regarding copyright lawsuits from individual artists over the years, some causing blows to the brand's profitability and reputation. Still, these infringements weren't the cause of the fashion retailer's potential closing; with the emergence of other international competitors, as well as indie brands thriving in the fashion scene, Forever 21 has been in the wake of underperforming and unprofitable stores, submerging into debt. 

So you might be thinking, "what now?" While Forever 21 still hasn't commented on the matter, it's safe to say that finding new shopping destinations may be a great option to ensure your wardrobe is always freshly stocked. Whether you're a 'must-feel, must-fit' type of shopper or an online add-to-cart type of gal, we've got just the shopping alternatives for you. 

Fast-fashion outlets

Starting with our no-brainer option, of course, we can't discount Forever 21's direct competitors. Japanese brand Uniqlo has been a massive favourite for quite some time now, earning its rightful place as the go-to for chic basics and other minimalist fashion pieces. 

When it comes to variety, from officewear to date night to casual ensembles, H&M is also another viable option. Plus, if we backtrack a bit from when sustainable wasn't considered 'cool' yet, H&M was already very transparent with their stride to push for sustainability. The Swedish fashion retailer was also among the most vocal regarding going green.

Many also swear by H&M in terms of durability and value for money, despite being within similar price-points as Forever 21. 

Interesting indie or homegrown fashion brands

Gone are the days when independent or homegrown fashion brands are considered to be at a lower tier than established names in the industry. Now, local fashion is all the rage, not just due to showing support for indie designers and artists, but also because of their tried-and-tested qualities and visual appeal. So with the possibility of Forever 21 saying goodbye for good, why not check out these brands from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines that are not only proudly and stylishly created in the respective countries but are pushing for sustainability?

Online alternatives for avid add-to-carters

Lastly, while it's still not clear whether Forever 21 would retain or re-brand their online platform once they close down their physical stores, girls who love to browse their way into shopping should also be presented with other options.

ASOS, for one, is unbeatable in this realm given its global accessibility, being one of the closest in aesthetic offerings to Forever 21. In Southeast Asia, ZALORA is particularly strong, with its wide range of brands, as well as tried-and-tested business-to-consumer system. And who could forget Pomelo as another great online destination for shopping, priding itself as 'fashion born in Asia' in all its flair, accessibility, and affordability? Stylenanda also boomed in popularity due to the rise of K-fashion, making it another alternative to Forever 21's myriad of collections. 

But aside from these already well-established names, there are more online alternatives out there that you can turn to (besides shady sites like Wish and Missguided). Mixxmix offers cool and edgy pieces that are majorly inspired by K-pop fashion; Shanghai-based Front Row Shop delivers cool-girl aesthetic to the next level with their crisp and sleek pieces; and Zilingo, which just recently launched in the Philippines, is also a great new shopping destination whether you're in for casual pieces or select designer goods.

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