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Four Reasons Why We Love Lippies

At this day and age where lipsticks come in every form, shape, size and shade, it’s not hard to imagine why a girl just can’t get enough of this little makeup masterpiece. Whether you're the type who only picks that top of the line lippie for an every day look or the type who loves collecting lipsticks (like most of us), one can never run out of choices and reasons not to love those lipsticks.

So if you're still wondering why there is all this hype around lippies, here’s a little rundown of why we just love lippies!


It is a substitute BFF 

Feel like crying a river after eating a bowl of 700 calorie Laksa? Or feeling villain-y and want to evil laugh your way back to your desk after beating that deadline? It’s okay, whatever mood you are in, that lipstick will never ever judge you. Just pop a matte lipstick in pink to hide the sinful grease of that Laksa, or swipe that vampy plum lippie and feel that Maleficent vibe without looking cray-cray. Those lipsticks are the instant Karlie to your Taylor!

It’s the closest thing you can get to being a superstar 

On days when you feel like copying your favourite celeb's look, a good lippie is there for you! Like, you want to look like Jennifer Lawrence but don’t have the guts to get a pixie cut. Or you probably want to be like an empress ala Ha Ji Won in Empress Ki but do not have money to burn to go to the Forbidden City-- don’t fret. Just swipe that Dior Addict or NARS lipstick and take a selfie. Bam! Instant photo shoot like an A-list celebrity!

It might be the most effortless flirting tool

Get your LBD, put your hair up and swipe that Giorgio Armani in 400 and you are most certainly date-ready. That's the magic only a lippie can give without breaking a sweat!

It’s a good conversation piece

When you are running out of things to say, give your colleague the usual greeting with a matching compliment of “that lipstick shade looks nice!” This guarantees a short yet fruitful conversation about lippies and you might even find a BFF if you find out you love the same lipstick shade!  


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