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It's Happening: A "Friends" Reunion Is In The Works

Oh. My. God.

Despite many differences, there's one thing that closes the generational gap between Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z: watching Friends. Ever since the '90s hit TV show started streaming on Netflix, it has garnered new fans and made a major comeback in current pop culture. Even the characters' style — especially Rachel's, Monica's and Phoebe's — once again became trendy as evidenced by Gigi Hadid's latest looks. So what to do with this newfound renaissance? A reunion, of course!


Just in time for the show's 25th anniversary, it seems like the cast and creators of Friends are brewing up something. You may remember Jennifer Aniston's first-ever internet-breaking selfie (or should we say, 'we-fie'?) with former co-stars Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer. Could this BE a meeting for a new episode? Well, the answer is a big maybe.

Before you jump to the conclusion that a sequel is happening, we're sorry to say that it's off the table for now as both the creators and cast are not keen on doing a revival. But it may be for the best. Although it would be fun to watch the gang reprise their roles, rebooting an iconic title didn't really bid well for those that tried. 

If it's not a new instalment in the series, then what can we expect then, you say? An "unscripted reunion episode," according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. In the article, it's revealed that this special is slated to coincide with the launch of streaming service HBO Max, the new home of Friends starting next year following its scheduled departure from Netflix.

Right now, we're imagining some reminiscing from the cast and creators about certain moments while filming the show back in the '90s and maybe sharing some inside jokes that we're finally gonna be privy to. We'd also love a catch up on what the cast has been up to since the show's wrap-up. Overall, we think it's gonna be a treat for both longtime and new fans! However, keep in mind that everything right now is still pending so there’s still a chance that things could go downhill or go in a different direction. But we're keeping our hopes up.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston has definitely made a comeback on TV with her onscreen sister in Friends, Reese Witherspoon. The Morning Show debuted to mixed reviews with audience feedback ranging from calling the show "mediocre and forgettable" to "deliciously addicting". 

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