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How To Ace A Full Fringe Like These Asian Celebrities

Look bomb in bangs

Cute, feisty, alluring — a full fringe can channel this variety of vibes effortlessly, as sampled by some of our favourite Asian celebrities whether in roles or in real life. Even so, it's not as simple as just snipping your locks to pull the look off. Getting a full fringe is definitely a commitment because the way it frames your face affects how your entire beauty look would turn out. It can even affect the way you do your makeup! So how exactly do you ace the full fringe like your favourite Asian celebrities? We've got just the tips below. 

Artsy eye or bold lip? Pick one!

Donning a full fringe is comparable to wearing a statement accessory as it immediately draws stronger attention to your features. Its focal point lands directly to your eyes, emphasising your expressions. And with Asian actresses being known for preferring minimalist makeup rather than to a full face, they usually complement the full fringe with two simple yet attention-grabbing ways: an artsy eye look or a bold berry lip. 

Japanese actress Sugisaki Hana shows us how the artsy liner look should be done: still bordering on sleek and simple to match the rest of her bare face. 

Meanwhile, Japanese actress and model Komatsu Nana, who's well-known for owning the full fringe as her signature look, stuns in a bold lip and leaves her bangs doing the talking when it comes to highlighting her peepers.

Curling and shaping are key

One of the biggest challenges when going for a full fringe is getting it to look effortless yet in place the entire day. And for people who have natural stick-straight locks, a full fringe usually ends up looking flat. So take inspiration from Thai actress Kitty Chicha Amatyakul. Giving your fringe a curl helps deliver the volume, body, and dimension you want to make the look work even better. If you don't want it to look too curly, using an iron to gently fold the ends of your fringe for a softer edge also helps make your hairstyle look cleaner, more defined, and keep its shape longer. 

Side wisps matter

Full fringes have become so popular because of Asian dramas that many of us want to covet the look. However, if you're one of those people who prefer to do the cut yourself and not head to the salon for a fringe chop, one of the most common mistakes is forgetting the side wisps. If you don't know what those are, these are the locks of your hair that frame your cheeks. Ideally, they should be relatively shorter than the rest of your hair whether you have a fringe or not, as they give an illusion of a contour whenever you wear your hair down or put it in a messy updo. 

When donning a full fringe, take notes from Taiwanese actress Shen Yue's look. Her fringe layers flawlessly to some side wisps, creating a softer curve compared to just a blunt cut. This creates a more natural shape when framing your face, as compared to a harsh, square-ish finish. 

Know which style works for you

Getting a full fringe is no easy task. There's a lot of grooming, planning, and upkeep involved. But the bottomline is always to have fun with your 'do. Know which style fits not just your face but also your lifestyle, because having some hair in your face isn't exactly climate-friendly in this region.

Play around with lengths, colours or even updos to match your look and feel free to look up pegs that will give you an idea on how to take your look further. When it doubt, BLACKPINK Lisa and her unwavering bangs never disappoint when it comes to endless fringe inspos. 

(Cover photo from: @lalalisa_m; @konichan7; @shenyueyeah)

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