Fun And Fashion At Samsung Fashion Steps Out | Clozette

Orchard road was transformed into a runway for Samsung Fashion Steps Out last Saturday (11th April). A record number of 176 models strutted down the runway during this iconic annual fashion feast, wearing the latest designs from 13 brands; Aimer, Ashley Isham, Pleatation, Depression, FOX Kids, Francis Cheong, Germain, Mary Katrantzou, Moiselle, Max.Tan, Pauline.Ning, Paul, Sean & Sheila. 

The biggest fashion runway in Singapore has got to be the biggest event I have attended so far in my blogging career. Together with the other Clozette Ambassadors, we were privileged to attend the event thanks to our Clozette family.

Here’s a peek into my Orchard Fashion Runway experience!


Initial thoughts

I have never been to an event such as this before so I did not know what to expect; but I will say this: it was amazing! I usually only get to watch such fashion events on television and witnessing the event first-hand, seated next to fashionable individuals was a very memorable experience for me. 

What I wore

I was at first stumped over what to wear to such an event until I remembered an episode from Asia’s Next Top Model where Joey Mead King (the model mentor) noted that when in doubt, one should always go back to the basics. So I went for something minimal. After all, you can never go wrong with black. A romper, black peep-toe heels, and classic sling bag and I was ready to rock the night!

My Favourite Designers

Max Tan (Max.Tan)

His collection featured a minimalistic design that caught my eye the moment the models strutted down Orchard Road. I really admired the quirky cuts and the simplicity of his pieces, and how the gold footwear effortlessly matched the garments. 

Pauline Lim (Pauline.Ning)

Pauline.Ning was another designer that caught my eye. Since I’ve really been into minimalistic nowadays, I was ecstatic to be able to witness both minimalist collections in person. I love how her collection showcased a style that is minimal and yet still feminine and classy. It is definitely not boring nor flat—I really could wear this every day. 

Spending time with Clozette Ambassadors

I got to know Clozette's Creative Director, Kersie

Enjoying a fun night of fashion

Overall, it was indeed a memorable night.  A very big thanks to Orchard Road Business Association for this wonderful event which has left me with such great fashion memories. And a big thank you as well to my Clozette Family for this exclusive invite and for always being supportive to the Clozette Ambassador family. 



Rings have always symbolized unspoken messages, whether it be love, wealth or power. Traditionally it has been one ring, one finger, one message; but with the trends these days, all that has changed as fashionistas now add an array of finger-candy to complement their style.

In line with this, renowned Danish jewellery brand PANDORA has launched a series of tastefully designed ring collections to encourage women to express themselves by accessorizing their looks—adding a touch of glam and elegance to their everyday outfit.

With their new Spring collection, PANDORA continues to enchant with a collection rooted in 3 design aesthetics: Blooming Marvellous, Subtle Statement, and Mix and Match Metals. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, PANDORA has also launched a beautifully elegant Mother’s Day collection that seeks to enthrall.

So whether you’re looking for a perfect Mother’s Day gift or looking to add a touch of elegance to your accessory collection, you’ll surely adore PANDORA’s new Spring collection. Read on to see more of the collection and start adding them to your wish-list!

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Blooming Marvellous is all about the dazzling daisies and shimmering primrose in different hues, exuding that classic girly, uptown style. Stack the floral and feminine rings with timeless and sparkly rings to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. It’s the perfect accessory styling for a fancy night-out or to match a crisp casual attire.

For those who prefer subtlety in their everyday attire, PANDORA’s Subtle Statement geometric rings are great for adding nuanced elegance to complement a city-chic look. Team the gem-studded stacking rings with a statement ring to add a dash of statement elegance to your work attire—like pairing a shimmering rose silver ring with a vintage-inspired band for a subtle, sophisticated look.

For the coming Mother’s Day, PANDORA presents treasured tokens of unconditional love. Swathed in contemporary relevance, these dazzling vintage-inspired jewellery tell forgotten stories and treasured tales while expressing the joy and bonds of motherhood. The Mother’s Day Collection comprises of a limited edition sterling silver bangle and stunningly elegant pendant necklaces—a collection of timeless, hand-finished jewellery pieces will make any woman feel fabulous.



Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2015 kicked-off to a grand start over the past weekend as Orchard Road transformed into a runway, with 176 models strutting down with looks from fashion designers such as Aimer, max.tan, Ashley Isham, Moiselle, DEPRESSION, PAUL, FOX Kids, PAULINE.NING, Francis Cheong, Pleatation, Germain, Sean & Sheila, and Mary Katrantzou.

We witnessed the fashion extravaganza together with our Clozette Ambassadors and were absolutely enthralled by the designs that truly showcase the vibrancy and talent of Singapore and International fashion designers. Here are 5 pieces that truly stood out for their stunning take on Spring/Summer.


Mary Katrantzou

When the weather warms up for Spring/Summer, we're all about A-line short dresses. This piece from Mary Katrantzou showcased a muted take on the vibrant hues of the season, choosing instead to stick with a dark green palette that makes for an effortless transition from from Fall/Winter. The intricate lace woven all throughout the dress also adds a spin to the predictable floral trend of the season, presenting instead a texture reminiscent of vines.

Ashley Isham

The Sporty Luxe look is in-trend these days and Ashley Isham did not disappoint with this look that's a blend of sporty styling mixed with a touch of glam. From the furry jacket, black dress with silver detailing, and chunky strappy wedges--this look is all about celebrating your sporty, casual side while still being fearless in your get-up.

Francis Cheong

We heard a collective sigh when this red gown from Francis Cheong walked down the runway. It is Spring personified in a gorgeous full-length gown with a captivating train reminiscent of flower petals. With its bold red shade, it's a stunner that moved with grace and flowed dreamily down the runway. 


The concept behind Pleatation aims to bring the focus back on pleats, elevating it beyond just a design element but rather creating full pieces that celebrate its aesthetic. The result: gorgeous, flowy pieces with a touch of structure. With a colour palette of black, gold, and prints, this particular piece takes the Spring/Summer daytime silhouette into the realm of elegant evening wear.


For monochrome lovers, Depression definitely amazed with their daring, streetwear pieces that defied conventional fashion norms and silhouettes. As a label inspired by the punk movement and goth stylings, it added a unique voice to the runway--showcasing dark, bold looks styled in the brand's signature look. While the overall styling may not be for everyone, its easy-to-wear separates tickled our imagination as we conceptualized ways to incorporate it in a variety of looks.