Fun Ways To Style Graphic Tees | Clozette

T-shirts are comfortable and practical. What adds to their appeal is being able to get them in funky prints that say a lot about your mood and personality.  While they can be on the casual side, you don't have to switch them up with a preppier fashion piece if you want to up your styling game. Keep on reading for fresher ways to style your graphic tee, while still looking effortlessly chic.

Play with your layers

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Graphic shirts can either be bold or subtle. But either way, they lack a sense of mystery. So whether you're going corporate or street style, adding in a blazer or a jacket to your current ensemble can change the look you're going for. It's the perfect way to frame your tee's design, showing a bit of the print to tease.

Tuck it in

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One of the reasons why shirts are comfy is because they tend to be baggy, and are made of stretchy, breathable material. So to give it some shape and dimension, tuck it in,  preferably under a high-waisted choice of bottoms to accentuate your waist and hips. 

Scarves make everything chicer

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Embrace your inner Parisian by adding a scarf to your casual OOTD. This adds a touch of sophistication to the fun and edgy vibe of your graphic tee.

Twist it up and show some skin

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Who said shirts can't be sexy? Bare that midriff and add some structure to your casual ensemble by doing the classic twist-and-tuck technique. Besides, we can all use a little bit of breeze this summer, don't we? 

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Plus, up the game of your other fashion pieces by jumping into the pin-loving trend.



Being a 'mother' is more than just a word, a role, or something that happens because of blood relations. Our mums, aunts and grandmas serve as our first BFFs, role models, teachers, and more. We share an eternal bond with them; they helped shape our womanhood, and set the foundation as to who we are today. 

So for Mother's Day, we're giving you the best gift ideas to spoil the special women in your life with as a way to say thanks. 

SK-II Face Treatment Essence Sakura Limited Edition Bottle

(Photo from:

Give your mum the gift of glow with SK-II's Face Treatment Essence in its limited edition Sakura bottle. Just like the Japanese cherry blossoms that signal the start of fresh beginnings in spring, this is a way to celebrate how your mum has always been with you for every significant 'firsts' in your life.

I Am Endearing pendant by Poh Heng

More than just a gift of appreciation, show your sincerity and gratitude with this remarkable pendant from Poh Heng. Exquisitely crafted with a limited edition 18k gold pendant encrusted with diamonds, this is a gift that's just as precious as your bond with mum.

Crabtree & Evelyn Heritage Body Care Collection 

Give your mum a well-deserved pampering with this Heritage Body Care Collection from Crabtree & Evelyn. Each line is presented in a lush and feminine packaging and consists of a luxurious set of Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Hand Therapy that makes the perfect gift for mothers who deserve to be taken care of this Mother’s Day. 

Simplicity by Mt. Sapola x Eden+Elie

Something classic that your mum can wear anytime, anywhere? This elegant piece from Mt. Sapola and Eden+Elie's collaboration is handcrafted in Singapore with Swarovski crystals and Japanese Miyuki seed beads, and plated with 24K gold. A versatile yet stylish piece, this embodies the women in our lives who play their multiple roles with grace.

Pazzion's sleek pair for The Outgoing Mum

Fashioned from soft, high-quality lambskin, these pastel pink flats are comfy and stylish — perfect for our mums who are always doing and going through multitudes of tasks with ease. 

Espiral and Madre by Lee Hwa Jewellery

Lee Hwa Jewellery gives a nod to our beloved mothers with Espiral, which  showcases infinite spiral designs that mimic a mother’s unending love, and Madre, which embodies the beauty in motherhood. Your mum will surely love any of these two designs. But if you're feeling fancy, why not get them both?

PANDORA Rose Mother's Day Collection

Feminine, elegant, strong — PANDORA's new collection celebrates the strength and beauty in our mums with their Rose collection for Mother's Day.  

Byredo Hand Duo in Blanche and La Tulipe

This collector set combines one of BYREDO's signature scents with a light yet nourishing texture, allowing the wearer to gently hydrate and soften the hands whilst giving them a distinct scent. It's definitely a must for mums whose touch we always seek for comfort, assurance, and love.

Goldheart's Prosperity Gold Bars 

From the smallest mementos to the grandest gifts, mums cherish everything that comes from her beloved family. That's why these "Fu Lu Shou" prosperity gold bars are perfect for the sentimental mother who treasures meaningful keepsakes. Inscribed with the Chinese characters "Fu Lu Shou," these stand for prosperity, good fortune, and longevity respectively, that also serve as  memorable tokens to be cherished as it signifies the love a child has for her mother.

Liu Jo Tote Bag

It's always a wonder how mums always seem to carry everything we need. And what better way to show her we appreciate her love, care, and remarkable preparedness for everything with this trusty and stylish tote from Liu Jo.

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We're all too familiar with the benefits of exercise and yet, this is not enough to motivate us into starting a fitness routine. The idea of working out everyday can seem like a drag but with constant inspiration, you'll find yourself taking that first step to a healthier you. Add a little kick of fitspo to your Instagram feed by following the right people. Let's get this started! 


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